10 Things to Do Before and After Losing Your Key

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If you find yourself locked out of your home, car or office, don’t panic. Life is so busy, mistakes are bound to happen. Take a moment out of your day now to protect yourself against these mishaps. If you’ve already lost your keys, before you go calling an expensive locksmith, go through these options.

Get Organized:

After a long day, belongings tend to end up on the floor or left in a pile. While you may be eager to start your evening, consider finding a consistent location to store your keys and other important belongings. Key hooks and even an old nail can help you to reliably find keys later.

Give a Spare Set:

Before you can even make a mistake, plan a backup way to get inside. Have a trusted friend or nearby relative keep an extra set of keys for you. Don’t forget to return the spare keys after you use them in case you forget again.

Keep Extra Keys with You:

This option takes some commitment, as you want to make sure your spare keys don’t become your primary keys. Keep them in a secluded place, like a purse or backpack zipper pocket.

Consider an Upgrade:

Modern technology has solutions to many age old problems. Consider installing a smart lock, which will allow you to enter your home using a special code or unlock doors from an app on your smartphone. Wi-Fi key fobs are also a good option and can be attached to other commonly misplaced household items.

Be Prepared:

If all else fails, you will be stuck contacting a locksmith, landlord or neighbor to let you in. Take the time to organize numbers into your phone so you’re not stuck outside Googling in the rain.

Retrace your Steps:

If your keys are lost, stay calm and think about where you last had your keys. Contact any shops or friends you recently visited. Systematically search your pockets, car and surroundings.

Call for Help:

Take advantage of your forethought and reach out to a landlord, building manager or apartment neighbor. Some landlords charge a fee for forgetting your keys, but the price will be well below that of a professional service.

Find an Alternative Entrance:

By hopping a fence or clambering through an open window, you might be able to let yourself in. If taking this route, act with confidence and greet any neighbors you meet along the way. You don’t want them calling the cops on you breaking into your own home.

Call a Locksmith:

Locksmiths provide emergency lock picking services at any time of day or night, but they come with a hefty fee. Depending on your type of lock, they may need to unscrew or even damage the handle to get you inside, leaving you with the bill.

Replace your Locks:

While the chances are slim, your lost key may be found and traced back to your home. Have locks replaced after the incident and consider upgrading to a smart lock for next time.

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