8 House Lockout Strategies

Getting locked outside of your home is never planned or asked for. It’s one of those dumb accidents that happen that can really put a major damper on your planned schedule. However, there’s many ways to remedy this situation – some that provide instant answers, and some that take a bit longer to save you from your lockout. Here’s some awesome suggestions for strategies to tackle when locked outside of your home, as prepared by the expert residential locksmith technicians at SOS Locksmith.


Try all the Other Doors

It’s possible that another door to your home is unlocked – although we hope from a security standpoint that you keep them locked. Try your back doors, or sliding glass doors if you have any.

Try Accessing the Windows

Similar to doors, we hope that you make sure that your windows are locked and secure. But in the off chance that they aren’t, it’s worth trying to access your home through them. This is one entry method that shouldn’t be done in a hurry, as you can really damage your windows.

Doggy Doors

It’s possible, if you’re small enough, that you might be able to access the inside of your home through a doggy door panel, if you have one of these in place. It’s doubtful though, unless your door happens to be a giant Saint Bernard.

Access your Spare Keys

Have you left spare keys with a trusted friend or neighbor? This is always a good idea for this exact issue. Simply call the person you’ve left the spare key with, use it to access your home, find your real keys – or if you can’t, hold on to the spares and use them to make copies.

Utilize a Ladder

It’s likely that even if you’ve secured the windows on the ground floor of your property that windows on upper stories won’t be locked. Buy or borrow a sturdy ladder and use it to access the upper floors of your home.

Use a Bump Key

Try using a bump key. Insert in the lock, with a notch taken out. Then hit it with a hammer while turning the knob in a single motion. It’s a tricky movement, but can be an easy fix with enough practice, once you get used to the flow of balancing the two movements in a single gesture.

Lock Picks

Consider getting equipment to either taken or single pin pick the lock. Read up on the lock picking process, allow the pins to reset with patience, and watch as your door lock opens. This action definitely becomes easier with practice, but it can take some time, so if you’re in a rush to get in, moving on to the next step is probably the best strategy to choose.

Call a Professional Locksmith

This is the easiest fix. Contact a professional home lockout expert, like those on the team at SOS Locksmith, and simply sit back and relax as they restore access to your home before your eyes. Professional locksmiths have the field experience and the necessary tools to help provide solutions to lockouts in an efficient manner, basically giving you a quick fix with no sweat involved.


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