Airbnb Locksmith Tips

Many people in 2019 opt to run Airbnbs out of their own homes or properties that they own – and however convenient this is as a way to make some extra cash, in fact, it comes with a host of unique security issues. Here’s a guide to some essential tips from your local locksmith experts here at SOS Locksmith on your Airbnb security.


What to Do When a Guest Can’t Find Their Keys

If you usually use normal keys, you should always make sure to place a backup key on location, or in an easy to reach nearby location like at a neighbor’s house – or even in a securely fastened lockbox. If a guest cannot find their key, make sure that they are looking in the proper area. Tell them where to find the backup key, and make sure to make an offer to compensate them for the trouble.


What to Do When the Door Won’t Lock

Make sure to tell guests in advance if there is anything up with any of the locks, like if there’s multiple locks, if the locks usually stick, or if there’s any other weirdness with it. If you are told that the door won’t open, give the guest a step by step play through of what to do to open the door. If you use a coded smart lock, remotely change the code while the guest is on the phone. If you use normal keys, ask the guest to check if the backup key works. If it doesn’t contact us at SOS Locksmith for instant, on-call assistance.


What to Do with a Broken Lock

Having a broken lock not only puts your property at risk, it also puts your guest at risk. It doesn’t matter if the key breaks off inside the lock or somehow the entire lock falls off the door – in any of these events, contact us, the trusted locksmiths here at SOS in order to receive instant assistance. NEVER ask your guest to attempt to repair the lock themselves – not only is it unprofessional, it’s dangerous. Contact SOS Locksmith right away, and provide your guest compensation for any inconvenience.



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