Best Wifi Connectable Deadbolts

With massive technological strides being made in the residential security sector in the last few years, there’s a plethora of fantastic electronic lock options for homeowners – or even commercial business owners. One of the most convenient varieties of contemporary electronic locks are Wifi connectable deadbolts. In this brief blog post, the electronic lock installation experts at SOS Locksmith will detail what the best Wifi connectable deadbolts are, so you can understand which one’s will serve your personal needs the best.

August Smart Lock and August Connect

This leading lock brand is one of the most popular out there. Most of their locks use Bluetooth Low Energy technology to connect the lock and it’s controlling smartphone. Most locks that use BLE don’t also use Wi-Fi, but when the August Smart Lock is paired with the August Connect, it’s turned into a Wi-Fi controlled deadbolt that provides remote connectivity and control options to it’s users. Homeowners can use their regular deadbolts with an August Smart Lock, and when paired with the August Connect, locks can be operated remotely from any location, as well as monitoring who accesses your home.

Lockitron Bolt + Bridge

This nontraditional Wi-Fi deadbolt utilizes BLE as well, which only consumes a minimal amount of power, but has to be operated within 50 feet. This bolt can be paired with a Wi-Fi bridge, (the eponymous ‘Bridge’ system) that allows for a full slew of remote monitoring and command options. The Lockitron smart lock allows users to access the Lockitron Application Program Interface, allowing them to program exactly what actions they want the lock to perform, from locking and unlocking to access revocation.

Schlage Sense Deadbolt and Schlage Sense Wi-Fi Adapter

The smart lock offered by this leading security brand carries on the company’s security philosophy, providing a full range of remote access control options. It’s one of the strongest Wi-Fi deadbolts currently in circulation, consisting of a Grade 1 rated single cylinder deadbolt that’s backed up by a security plate that prevents picking attempts. It also has a built in alarm to discourage tampering, and when paired with the Schlage Sense Wi-Fi adapter, it can be controlled remotely with a smartphone.

Danalock V2

This Bluetooth smart deadbolt can be used as a home Wi-Fi deadbolt as well. It’s based on the August smartlock, and also utilizes a Wi-Fi bridge, however it’s bridge doesn’t have to be purchased separately, as the Danalock V2 allows you to turn any existing smart device into a Wi-Fi bridge that can help you control your smartlock remotely, allowing for a simpler and more budget friendly Wi-Fi lock option.

RemoteLock 5i-B Wi-Fi Deadbolt

While this lock isn’t the most secure wireless lock available, it offers fantastic levels of connectivity. It’s Wi-Fi capabilities are achieved through connection to a wireless router, eliminating the need for a bridge, and can be programmed with up to 1000 customizable access codes. It’s a great choice for people renting their homes or property managers with high turnover levels, and can allow for total access control. Lock history can be browsed by owners in real time, and locks can be operated remotely like any of the other above lock options.


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