Boost your Home Security in the New Year

CCTV Camera with house and village in background

The New Year is officially underway – and it comes with a fantastic opportunity to improve the security inside your home. Whether or not you followed your personal organization or fitness resolutions that you made in December doesn’t really matter – not nearly to the extent that home safety does. Many people have a slight worry inside their minds that perhaps their home isn’t as secure as it should be – these thoughts are quickly put out of many people’s minds, however, they shouldn’t be dispelling these valid concerns. It’s the best to do preparation in advance, so you never have to worry about a theft or burglary. January is a specific time where burglars target homes – they anticipate being able to steal expensive recent gifts like electronics or jewelry gifted during the holiday season; they’ll be on the lookout. Here’s some tips that you can follow to boost the security of your home for the New Year.


Follow Wise Habits

The true efficacy of home security really depends on how proactive the homeowner is in terms of enforcing healthy practices. Doors should be locked, fire and carbon monoxide detector alarm batteries should be changed, the security system should be programmed and set. These practices shouldn’t be done just sometimes, they should be done all the time. One should always lock their doors and arm their security system when leaving the house – even if you’re just dipping out of your home shortly. All alarm and detector batteries should be changed twice a year – try doing it in January and June just as a handy organizational tip. Your windows and doors should be locked whether you’re inside the home or out.


Upgrade your existing Security Infrastructure

Try adding some muscle to whatever security systems you already have in place. If you don’t already have them, install deadbolt locks or an electronic access control system. In order to protect against any situation that might arise, install electronic system monitoring or cameras. It should be stressed that if you haven’t already installed fire alarms or carbon monoxide detectors, that you should as soon as possible. These common devices are much cheaper – and you can’t place a price on the safety of your belongings, self, family, or friends. Deadbolts are much harder to manipulate or access than traditional locks, which can be picked in a matter of seconds by an experienced burglar. Deadbolts are pretty inexpensive, and last for generations; they’re a one-time investment that brings fantastic security benefits to your home. If you upgrade the rim cylinder in a nightlatch you can be sure that your home has the latest in security technology to ensure your protection. Security cameras both ensure success in legal proceedings should a crime actually occur at your home, and have the added benefit of discouraging any sort of crime. Simply install one in a conspicuous area at the front and back of your home. This is known as a visual deterrent.


Consider adding an electronic security system

You can heavily boost the security of your property by installing some of the brand new technology that has arisen, like home automation or interactive security systems. Automated systems can allow you to connect your phone to the functions of your home – locking, thermostats, etc. You can control the entire system of your home remotely from a phone or tablet. These systems can unlock or lock doors, arm your security alarm, turn lights on and off, and change the temperature – all from any internet enabled device. Not only do these sort of devices up the security of your home, but they also bolster the amount of control you have, and add a bunch of convenience.


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