Bike Security Tips

For all cyclists out there, bike security is an important thing to think about. Whether you have an expensive racing bike, or a simple bike for travel, you’re going to want to understand the importance of bike locks and security … Continue reading


Euro Cylinder Locks

Euro cylinder locks, while much less common and relied upon than the traditional deadbolt lock, are a uniquely effective security solution. Here’s a guide from the expert locksmiths at SOS Locksmith on the strengths and weaknesses of Euro Cylinder Locks. … Continue reading


Keyless Lock Guide

Some of the newest technology in the lock industry is keyless locks. The technology for keyless locks was originally created for use with cars, but soon, keyless locks for residential and commercial locations began popping up. Whether you’re obsessed with … Continue reading


Best Wifi Connectable Deadbolts

With massive technological strides being made in the residential security sector in the last few years, there’s a plethora of fantastic electronic lock options for homeowners – or even commercial business owners. One of the most convenient varieties of contemporary … Continue reading


3 Key Elements that make a good Lock System

Mul-T-Lock recently launched it’s special Classic Pro cylinder, their new patented security platform. They have been revolutionizing the market now for years with their superior lock grades. One of the experts at Mul-T-Lock provided this brief guide to the most … Continue reading


What is Mul-t-lock MT5 Platform

Mul-T-Lock is one of SA’S’ most popular lock brands for a good reason. This brand holds all their lock and security technology manufacturing to an incredibly high standard. Their MT5 system, in particular, is known for it’s incredibly successful security … Continue reading


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