What Burglars Want you to Be Unaware Of

Successful burglars make the unaware security practices of normal citizens their bread and butter – relying on people’s lack of knowledge of important security aspects in order to exploit their vulnerability, and hit targets selectively. Here’s a guide to some … Continue reading


Little Known Burglary Facts

A burglary occurs nearly every 18-20 seconds here in the USA – a staggering statistic that should emphasize the importance of making sure that your home and business have the necessary barriers in place to prevent this incredibly common – … Continue reading


Keeping your Home Protected this Holiday Season

With all the hectic planning, shopping, and fun coming up this holiday season, it’s important to make sure that your home and business is protected. There’s a few essential steps that home or business owners can take in order to … Continue reading


Home Invasion Prevention

Home invasions are pretty much one of the worst case scenarios any homeowner can imagine happening at their property. Luckily, there’s myriad of security strategies that when implemented in a combined and holistic fashion, can greatly decrease the chances of … Continue reading


Burglar Proofing Doors

The residential security experts at SOS Locksmith understand all the ins and outs of ensuring that your home’s doors are protected. This can only be accomplished by layering a large variety of security aspects on top of one another, in … Continue reading


Prevent Break-ins in NYC

Break-ins are increasing in New York City. You might be surprised how fast and easy someone can get into your house – all with simple tools like a bent nail, a credit card, and a thin piece of cut metal. … Continue reading


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