Guarding your Home from Daytime Burglaries

The majority of burglaries actually occur during the day when people are at work and school; however, in most people’s mind’s eye, burglaries only happen under cover of darkness – a delusion that many burglars exploit in order to attack … Continue reading


Home Security Spring Cleaning Tips

When most people think of Spring cleaning, they simply envision dusting their curtains or resorting their bathroom cabinets. However, Spring cleaning is actually a fantastic opportunity to bolstering one’s home security, ensuring that their possessions and family are protected during … Continue reading


Best Wifi Connectable Deadbolts

With massive technological strides being made in the residential security sector in the last few years, there’s a plethora of fantastic electronic lock options for homeowners – or even commercial business owners. One of the most convenient varieties of contemporary … Continue reading


What makes for a high security lock

As far as your home or business is concerned, getting a high security lock is one of the most important things that you can do. However, not all high security locks are made alike – and understanding their various features … Continue reading


Discouraging Home Break-Ins

Regardless of where you live, home break-ins are a serious concern among anyone who owns a home. Homes are broken into more often than commercial properties, due to the perception of their vulnerabilities. A home burglary happens every 13 seconds … Continue reading


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