Choosing the Right Safe

A home safe is an excellent way to keep your important items and documents secure. New York City experienced 37,835 cases of grand larceny in 2010. While your first line of defense is properly protecting your home, a safe will help you keep your most important items especially well protected. A safe is also handy for protecting items from fire or even curious children. Knowing how to select the right safe for your needs is essential to getting the protection you need. Once you’ve chosen the right safe, all that’s left is locating the best safes installation NYC company to finish the job.


If fire-resistance to keep important documents and mementos protected in the event of a disaster is important for your safes installation NYC, you’ll need to examine how much heat various safes can stand up to. The more delicate the items in the safe, the cooler it should stay inside. For DVDs and computer CDs, the safe shouldn’t get any hotter than 125 degrees inside. For tapes or old slides, select a rating that indicates the interior of the safe won’t get any hotter than 150 degrees. Paper documents will be protected in a safe that doesn’t get any hotter than 350 degrees.


Underwriters’ Laboratories is an agency that provides ratings for consumer products. This non-profit agency has given security ratings to safes indicating how long it would take a burglar to get into the safe using various tools. A TL-15 rating indicates that a safe will yield to concentrated burglar efforts in about 15 minutes. A TL-30 rating indicates a safe that takes about 30 minutes. A TRTL-30 rating identifies a safe that withstood all 30 minutes of burglar effort. For top quality safes installation NYC, select a safe with a top rating. Do keep in mind, however, that many burgers won’t bother with anything they can’t quickly grab.


Even the best safe isn’t efficient until it has been properly installed. For high quality service, choose a safes installation NYC company with lots of experience. The best companies will even help you select the right safe for your needs. Even though ratings can help you narrow down your options, it’s a good safe company that will give you the insider information you need to finalize your choice. SOS Locksmith NYC has ample experience with fire safes, data safes, wall safes, gun safes and more. You can put this experience to work for you by using a highly qualified company like this for your own home installation.

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