Combination Lock Code Changing

The process of changing a combination lock is different based on what type of combination lock you are working with, as well as what type of device the combination lock is affixed to. Here’s a guide to opening up combination locks, as prepared by the commercial locksmith experts at SOS Locksmith. Of course, these many techniques vary on the exact make and model of safe that you’re dealing with – however, this guide applies to a broad range of different types of safes.

General Manual Dial Safe Changing Procedure

  • Open up the safe

  • With the door open, move the dial according to the existing number combination, but move the numbers to the change mark (to the left of the 12 o clock mark.)

  • Leave the dial on the last number of the combination.

  • Put the change key into the keyhole on the inside of the safe door.

  • Turn the key, but don’t torque it into the keyway.

  • Dial in the new combination by using the change mark, and according to the same rotating pattern that you normally use to open up the safe.

  • Leave the safe dial on the last number of the new number combination.

  • Turn, and take out the change key.

  • Try this combination a few times while the safe door is open.

General Digital Safe Changing Procedure

  • When the safe door is open, press 7, then 4, then ‘*’.

  • The lock will then change to programming mode. Press the current safe code, then ‘#’.

  • Wait until you hear a series of unique beeping noises.

  • Show you want to change the safe combo by pressing 1, then ‘*’.

  • Input the desired new code, then press ‘#’.

  • Wait until you hear a series of three unique beeping noises.

  • Input the new code again, then press ‘#”.

  • Wait until you hear the unique beeping noises again, confirming that you’ve made the codes match.

  • The safe should be out of programming mode now. With the door open, test to see if the combination works.

General Padlock Safe Changing Procedure

  • Look up the padlock code changing information on Google. Include the manufacturer, combination style, model number, and any other unique lock information.

  • See if you can find a video or official manual, and try the included opening method.

General Mechanical Door Lock Changing Procedure

  • Disassemble the lock and take it off the door.

  • Unlock the lock with the currently used code.

  • During the following steps, make sure the reset button is constantly pressed.

  • Take the back cover off of the combination pad, revealing two sets of uniquely featured pins.

  • Find the pin types that are in the slots for the existing safe combination code.

  • Move the pins to match the desired combination code.

  • Reinstall the safe’s back cover.

  • Let go of the reset button.

  • Verify that the safe combination works.

  • Reinstall the lock on top of the door.

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