Common Alarm Security Mistakes

Having a security alarm gives you the illusion of safety.  It gives potential thieves the illusion of a carefully guarded house.  However, it is still merely an illusion.  There are a number of common mistakes homeowners make after installing their security alarm.  They are content because of the misconception that by simply having the system, everything will be fine.


First off, consider the placement of your control panel.  Common places to put them is near the door or by a window, both which you shouldn’t do.  An intruder can easily spy through a window to see the combination you enter.  The same goes for the door.  Not to mention, it becomes easier for the intruder to find.  If it’s inside the house, less easily scene, it will take te thief more time to locate and disarm it and more time to contact the security company


Usually a security system comes from a security company.  That means the system should be linked up the company’s network.  There are certain systems that merely beep shrilly upon being broken into.  While the loud noise is annoying, it is hardly useful.  You can’t rely on your neighbors to call the police for you.  With your system connected to the company or even the cops, they will be able to respond promptly.

Turn It On

What’s the point of having a alarm security system if you don’t use it?  No, seriously.  Many homeowners have an alarm, pay for it, and neglect to turn it on when they leave home.  Why?  You have it anyway so you might as well use it.  Better to be safe than beat yourself up later because you forgot to arm the alarm before you left for vacation and now your mother’s pearls are gone along with the flat screen tv.

Change The Batteries

Really.  Batteries run out eventually.  Everyone knows that.  While some alarms are wired into the house’s electricity, most have battery back-up.  So check it every few months.  You never know when a storm will come and knock out the power.  Or when someone cut off your electricity in hopes of disarming your alarm and stealing your valuables.


You’ve probably seen articles on this already regarding bank pins and computer passwords.  You get a default code when the system is first installed which means that everyone has the same password for a period of time.  Change it as soon as possible and make it unique.  It can be numbers or words that mean something to you, but no birthdays or pet names, please.


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