Common kinds of Door Repairs

Many locksmiths and door repair experts find that a malfunctioning lock is the product of a non-working door.  In this short blog post, I’ll detail some of the most common door malfunctions that interfere with the ability of locks to function.

Door Jamming

This is usually the result of the heavy forced use of the lock – some element is shaken out of place and the multipoint lock gets stuck, preventing the door from being able to be opened. This is repaired by unjamming the internal lock mechanism, and replacing its center case – or the entire lock unit if it is called for. This calls for different operations based on the different types and brands of locks.

Misaligned Doors

Sometimes the weight of a door will drop from the weight of it’s own load-bearing – this can make hinges loosen, cause warp in the door structure, or break the lock itself. These repairs are typically simple, unless the door is severely warped (usually from people hanging off it) or incorrectly installed in the first place – but usually this requires little else besides a few turns of the hinge adjuster at the top of the door. If the hinges of the door still require some adjustment, you can toe and heel them to restore the door to working order.

Security Improvement

By upgrading European style locks to high security door handles with anti snap functionality, you quickly and exponentially increase the security of your space. This is a matter of simple re-keying, or complete hardware replacement – and a broad number of hardware options exist which range from aesthetic to functional differences.


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