Euro Cylinder Locks

Euro cylinder locks, while much less common and relied upon than the traditional deadbolt lock, are a uniquely effective security solution. Here’s a guide from the expert locksmiths at SOS Locksmith on the strengths and weaknesses of Euro Cylinder Locks.

Euro Cylinder Locks

These locks are usually used on residential doors in the United Kingdom. The main advantage of these locks are that they can be removed and updated very easily without the need to change the internal bolt work. They use paracentric keyways, and don’t have complicated internal structure, usually simply consisting of a pin tumbler. They are incredibly easy to install and remove, and usually are available in a single uniform size.

Weaknesses of Euro Cylinder Locks

Euro Cylinder locks can be easily bypassed when thumbturns are installed, through the use of a simple tool commonly available on the public market today. This is a common cause of burglaries in the United Kingdom. Euro Cylinder locks are also very vulnerable to lock snapping, due to their weak point – positioned inside the metal below the fixing hole, allowing it to be broken half when strong pressure is exerted. Some anti-snapping Euro Cylinder locks are available, and this vulnerability can additionally be addressed by taking care to ensure that the cylinder is installed in a perfectly flush position against the door. Euro Cylinder locks can also easily be broken through drilling – which sometimes happens during locksmith repairs, where the actuator is broken when the lock is too far drilled into. Make sure, that if you have a Euro Cylinder lock, that a locksmith is taking great care to not drill beyond the lock pins.


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