Are Expensive Locks more Secure

When upgrading your locks in 2019, you might be wondering about the thousands of options available to you. Luckily, we, the lock installation experts here at SOS Locksmith are here to help. In this blog post, we will provide some answers to the ageless question – are expensive locks more secure?


Home Security Improvement Importance

  • Improving your home security with higher quality locks not only makes your home safer, but improves your psychological well-being, reducing anxiety and fear over break-ins.

  • High quality (more expensive) keyless locks are worth investing in, as they remove the need for physical keys that can be lost or stolen. 

  • High quality keyless locks are harder to pick, causing potentially burglars to take different actions in attempts to enter your property – actions that will likely fail, or draw the attention of neighbors.

  • High quality locks are a fantastic crime deterrent.

  • High quality locks are more secure, and are much harder to pick or tamper with.


Additional Benefits of High Quality Locks

  • High quality locks will display signs of tampering much more obviously. 

  • Not only this, but high quality locks make it easier to file insurance claims in the unfortunate incidence of burglary, as the insurance company makes it much easier to get the proper compensation.

  • By installing high quality smart locks at your property, you greatly reduce the risk of accidentally locking yourself outside of your house.

  • High quality smart locks are better than home alarms in some ways; since people are used to home alarms going off more regularly due to weather fluctuations or pets, people have stopped paying more attention to them. However, high quality locks are so resistant to break-in attempts that they will force burglars to take some louder action to enter a home, like attempting to kick a door – thus drawing more attention to the scene than most alarms would.

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