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Intercom Repair NYC

Intercoms are a popular security feature, especially in New York City. If your building has an intercom, this should make it more difficult for strangers, burglars or solicitors to get inside. The purpose of an intercom is to require anyone without a key to the building to get buzzed in by a resident. Intercoms today are available with or without a security camera. The camera gives you added assurance that the person at the door is who they say they are. An intercom is an excellent security feature, but only when it’s working properly. Intercom repair NYC companies abound to help you keep your intercom in shape.


When you select an intercom repair NYC company, you want to make sure you’re working with a qualified professional. An electrician who isn’t familiar with intercoms may fix wiring issues, but won’t be familiar with the finer points of optimizing your intercom function. In New York City, SOS Locksmith NYC is the number one dealer of Siedle intercom products. Siedle is a top manufacturer of security intercoms and produces many different intercom panels both with and without cameras. It’s always a good idea to hire a repair company that is familiar with your particular brand of intercom. If possible, contact the same professionals who originally installed the system.


Your intercom may have many small quirks and issues that you simply accept and deal with. You don’t have to put up with humming, static or feedback, however. With proper maintenance, your intercom should be providing you with clear sound, a good picture and reliable service. If your intercom’s power goes out on a regular basis, you probably have a problem with the wiring. A hum can be caused by wiring issues as well. Relocating parts of the system can eliminate feedback in a home intercom system. If your intercom isn’t operating up to your standards, talk to an intercom repair NYC company about your options.


Unfortunately, vandalism can also be an issue in New York City. If your intercom is seriously broken or damaged, you will need a very experienced company to come in and take care of the problem. Don’t go without your intercom system simply because you’ve been the victim of this type of crime. SOS Locksmith NYC has almost 40 years of experience in the industry. Their professionalism, knowledge and trustworthy services can be put to work for you. A top notch intercom repair NYC company will be able to give your intercom the care it needs to get back to working order.

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