Gardall UL 2-Hour Fire Safes Can Protect Your Small Business from Devastating Loss


If you are a small business owner, you have things you need to protect. Those “things” include important documents that may cause suspension of your business activities if lost or stolen. You may be the owner of a small business that sells precious jewelry or valuable collectibles. In addition, many small businesses require cash on the premises for various reasons. Nobody likes losing money! A quality UL 2-Hour Fire Safe from Gardall can help.

This article details how owning a Gardall UL 2-Hour Fire Safe will likely benefit your business.

Gardall UL 2-Hour Fire Safe

UL is a long-established scientific company that tests manufacturers’ products for safety and longevity. Gardall’s 2-hour fire safes are UL-classified as enduring exterior temperatures of 1,850 degrees Fahrenheit for two hours. In other words, these safes can take the heat!

What Are the Features of this Type of Safe?

Strong safes come from strong materials. Standard on each safe in this line are:

  • Anti-pry, recessed doors with a thickness of more than four inches
  • Safe walls thicker than two inches
  • A UL-listed Group II high-security lock in your choice of mechanical or electronic design
  • A solid, chrome-plated handle engineered to sheer during a “handle attack”
  • Complex anti-drilling-attack construction

What Sizes of Safe Are Available?

Currently, Gardall’s fire safes come in six sizes. The smallest is the Model 1612/2, with an interior capacity of 2,256 cubic inches. On the other end of the spectrum, if you need plenty of room to lock up many different valuable items, Gardall offers the Model 3018/2, with 9,585 cubic inches inside.

How Does a Gardall UL 2-Hour Fire Safe Benefit Small Businesses?

Being a small business owner is both rewarding and risky. Losing your documents, your petty cash, or other crucial business items to a fire, a burglary, or other unwanted event is not a risk worth taking. 

Some things are simply part of doing business the right way. A fire safe is one of those things!


How Much Does One of These Safes Cost?

With safes “cost” is different from “price”. The real cost is incurred when a small business does not own a safe and something bad happens. Nobody would wish bad things to happen. Alas, bad things do occur. In those tough times it helps to have the protection of a good fire safe.

The price range on Gardall’s 2-Hour line starts at just over $900.00 and goes to just above $2,250.00 for the line’s largest, heaviest model equipped with three shelves. Several models fill the space between the two ends of the price range.

The reasons for a small business to own one of these valuable safes from Gardall greatly outweigh any arguments against the purchase. If your business documents are worth protecting, Gardall’s line of UL 2-Hour Fire Safes is worth a good, long look!

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