Guarding your Home’s Perimeter

The major advances in security technology have allowed for unprecedented updates in the effectiveness of home and business perimeter security available to the average consumer. In this blog post, the security experts at SOS Locksmith will detail some of the essential factors in a fully fleshed out and thorough perimeter security system.


This is the most important aspect of perimeter security. You need to make sure that your locks are composed of hardened metal alloys, and are as thick as possible. Use padlocks of this variety to secure gates, and make sure they are paired with equally strong and durable hasps and chains. You want to make sure that your locks additionally are protected from bump keys or lock picking.


In general, walls restrict entry. However, there’s a caveat with walls in that the higher the walls are, the more privacy the property will have from the outside world. This can work in your favor in that your property is shielded from being a tempting target, as well as the height of the wall being an obstacle for a burglar’s entry, however, a higher wall means that the burglar will have more cover when approaching your property. You can deal with this by pairing high walls with live monitoring CCTV cameras, and by combining the high wall with a monitored / locked gate meant to be the single entry point.


Fences can combine the security of a wall with higher level of visibility. Fences are weaker than walls, as they can be cut or potentially scaled, but when paired with barbed wire – or even electrified (!) – they are on par with the security strength of a sturdy wall.


Gates, when combined with walls and/or fences, serve as an egress point to your property. Gates should be protected with high security padlocks or even a deadbolt, depending on its structure. Deadbolts are the stronger option usually (but only if it’s a truly strong deadbolt.) Additionally, the gate should be high enough that it’s impossible to scale.


Lighting makes it more likely that burglars will be seen trying to get into your property – and also function as a deterrent for any criminals considering unlawful entry. We recommend the use of motion activated lighting that can call attention to strange movement on your property, especially in the middle of the night, where the attention of neighbors or passersby can be the difference between a criminal on your property, or running away from it.


Surveillance cameras should be positioned on all parts of your property, and should be placed in areas where they cannot be tampered with. CCTV cameras function as active monitoring if they offer live viewing options, as well as as a passive deterrent if they are visible to any potential burglars. They are an essential part of a fully fleshed out security infrastructure, however they are not going to stop crime on their own. They best function when paired with locks, walls, and gates.


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