Guide to Twin Car Keys

Most people would never leave their car sitting on the street while unlocked – even when it’s next to their own home. Everybody understands the essential value of a working vehicular lock – but not many people understand the possibility of your car having a twin key. While this seems unlikely, you might be surprised how common this truly is. Here’s SOS Locksmith’s guide to twin car keys.

Twin Car Keys

Cars are probably most  households largest monetary investment, besides their home Car manufacturers have taken extreme strategies to make sure cars can stay secure, however the evidence shows that even the biggest car companies like Honda and Toyota only have around 3500 separate key combinations. When you think about that with the fact that they make millions of cars a year, it makes statistical and logical sense that some of these key combinations will be reused.

Risks of Twin Car Keys

Imagine coming back to your parked car only to see that it’s no longer parked there. There’s no broken glass ro signs of a burglary, but your car is nowhere to be found, along with all the information and precious valuables inside it. Twin car keys can be a true nightmare for many people, and most people would be at much greater levels of peace knowing that only they can truly access their car.

Recent or Old Trend?

Car key twinning is a phenomenon that has existed for some time, and it’s known to car thieves. Not even brand new transponder keys are safe. With new technology comes new break in methods, and thieves have recently found ways to use radio relay systems to break into cars. These systems basically amplify the radio signal of keys inside one’s home to activate the car with a blank key.

Protecting your Vehicle

The best way to protect your vehicle from the chances of getting stolen due to twinned keys is to re-key your car. This is especially important to do if you purchased your vehicle from a car dealership, or used – as in those cases, you have no idea how many copies of your working car key exist out there! Another possibility that will reduce the chances of your car being stolen due to twin keys is to have high grade security deadbolts installed in your vehicle. This will render the chances of a twin key burglary to nearly zero.

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