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Here at SOS Locksmiths we receive lots of inquiries and questions from our curious customers. Some of these are regarding window locks – which, while not the primary focus of our business, are still covered by the umbrella of our stated duty to provide full-spectrum lock related services. Here’s some of the most frequently asked questions regarding window locks that we receive from our customers.


Do I have to fix or totally replace my window locks?

Our locksmiths will help determine this – if the window lock cannot be repaired, we will work with you to install a suitable replacement that provides essential security for your home or business.


How long does it take to repair a window lock?

This process takes about twenty to thirty minutes depending on the specific issues that it’s experiencing, what kind of window it is, and whether it will be a repair or replacement service. Single hung windows require more time to repair than double hung windows, which are easier to move and access on both sides.


Will I have to change the type of window lock I have?

Usually not, unless you decide to upgrade your window with locks that provide more security, or you decide to upgrade your window all together.


Will there be cosmetic damage caused to the window when it’s lock is repaired?

Absolutely not. The locksmiths may have to remove a portion of the window in order to replace the lock, but this will not cause cosmetic or functional damage to your window at all. We continue to stress the essential importance of letting a professional locksmith handle repairs rather than attempting them yourself.


Does the entire window need to be replaced if the lock is malfunctioning?

Nope! Definitely not if you’re just seeking a window lock repair?


Can any kind of window lock work with my window?

Not quite. Some window locks only work with single hung or double hung windows. Our locksmiths can assess exactly your window type with a single glance and can determine exactly which kind of window locks will work best with your current setup.


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