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When trying to keep a secure home, it can really help to know some of the trends and numbers that commonly define home break-ins and burglaries across the country. Even if you can’t ever be one hundred percent prepared for a burglary, you can definitely prepare defenses. In this blog entry, I’ll detail some of the specific statistics that define criminal break ins across the country, so you can be better prepared.


Over half of Burglaries are forced entries

The FBI classifies three varieties of burglary: forced entry, unlawful entry, and attempted forced entry. 58.3 percent of burglaries are forced entry, while 35.2 and 6.5 percent are unlawful entry and attempted forced entry relatively. These statistics demonstrate that burglars are determined to get inside your property, and that homeowners have to be equally set to make sure they don’t get in. It also strikes a reminder to make sure windows and doors are locked, and that your security alarm is active.


Over 2000 dollars on average is lost per burglary

This re enforces a commonly known fact that burglars tend to gravitate towards expensive luxury goods; this means a thief is more likely to try to take a diamond necklace than the food inside your refrigerator. This also illustrates the trend of burglars to steal from property which they have already scoped out through valuables; it’s never been more important to make sure that your valuables aren’t in  plain view of windows. It might even be a good idea to tint your windows, or install one-way glass windows so nobody can look inside your house.


Many burglars use the Front Door

Over 34 percent of burglars use the front door to get access into someone’s property, while 22 percent use the back door. Make sure that when you’re upgrading your security that you improve the lock quality in your front and back doors. The best option is to get doors with solid cores that will be more resistant to break-in attempts than the majority of hollow body doors. We recommend improving your locks with the addition of high security pin tumbler locks, as well as keeping all windows or points of entry completely secure.


The average burglar spends less than 12 minutes in your home

Most burglars spend between 8 to 12 minutes inside your home – this short duration is due to their extreme caution and not wanting to get caught. This information is of great use to homeowners – they can place any valuables in hard to find areas spread out throughout the house, rather than in one easily findable “treasure trove.” This will make it more likely the burglar will abandon their search, and leave your home without taking any of your most precious belongings.


Most burglars go to master bedrooms first

This is the first room most burglars will go to, as it’s the most common room that valuables are kept inside. This statistic helps give some detail as to how burglars think; it’s much safer, thus, to keep your valuables distributed throughout other discreet and hidden areas of your home, to throw them off target, and increase the possibility of them leaving empty handed.


Burglaries happen every 15 Seconds

Even if the national burglary rate has decreased since the anarchic 1970s, it’s still a massive problem across the country. This statistic helps homeowners in the sense that it informs them of the very real, and  very common threat burglary poses – it’s the kind of think that one never expects. Home security, in this light, transcends the simple need to keep one’s valuables safe, it also extends to keeping one’s spiritual sense of safety, as well as the physical safety of their friends or loved ones, intact.

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