Home Security Spring Cleaning Tips

When most people think of Spring cleaning, they simply envision dusting their curtains or resorting their bathroom cabinets. However, Spring cleaning is actually a fantastic opportunity to bolstering one’s home security, ensuring that their possessions and family are protected during the coming Summer months. Here’s a guide from the residential lock installation and residential security experts at SOS Locksmith on how you can utilize your Spring cleaning in order to bolster your home security.


Outdoor Home Security Spring Cleaning Tips

  • Make sure that all lighting around the outside of your home is working – from batteries to bulbs.

  • Make sure that your home’s address numbers are properly positioned and legible from the street, allowing first responders to more easily find your home if they need to.

  • Make sure all outdoor security cameras are working properly and have not been damaged by ice, snow, rain, or cold weather. Tighten camera mounts and clean camera lenses with a soft cloth.

  • Make sure that bushes and shrubs around your home are trimmed to eliminate potential places a burglar could hide.


Indoor Home Security Spring Cleaning Tips

  • Check all door and window locks to ensure they are working properly. If any locks are loose, tighten or replace them. Also, clean all windows.

  • Clean all your security equipment including light fixtures and camera lenses. You will be able to see footage with more clarity, as dust and dirt can potentially cause visual issues – and even structural damage!

  • Empty all fireplaces in your home of all ash, and clean out the grate – we recommend additionally contacting a chimney cleaner to make sure that the flue is totally clear.

  • Make sure to refresh batteries in all smoke detector/alarms and all carbon monoxide detectors/alarms. Test all alarms to ensure that the new batteries work properly.

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