Important Front Door Lock Replacement Tips

Replacing your front door lock isn’t as simple as filling a glass of water. Not only is it a technically complex operation for the expert lock installation technician, but there’s many important factors to consider even from a customer perspective. In this short blog post, the expert locksmith team at SOS Locksmith will give you some key important facts to consider when getting your front door locks replaced.


Concentrate on Deadbolts

The deadbolt is the number one most important security feature of a front door – and it’s even best if you combine multiple deadbolts. Make sure that you get a replacement deadbolt that works best with exterior doors rather than interior doors. You don’t want to be using the same lock that you use in a restroom or filing cabinet on your front door.

Figure out Security Needs

What is the crime situation like in your area? Do you have valuables you want to protect in your home? These are questions you need to ask yourself regarding the level of security that you will need to implement via your front door locks. For the most part, however, we recommend installing strong, multi-layer, deadbolt based security function in your front doors since it’s simply better to be safe then to be sorry. Make sure that the locks you choose to be installed are both bump and pick resistant, and that they are made by a company with a solid reputation.

Consider Daily Practicality

If you’re going to be opening and shutting this door multiple times on a daily basis, you are going to want to have locks in place that are easy to operate. If you are installing these locks in a storage area that is irregularly accessed, as well as full of very precious items, you shouldn’t worry too much about ease of access – instead make sure it is truly protected by strong security layers. But if this is a residential front door, the goal is to marry strong security with convenient entry. Consider installing a strong smart lock in your home that can help achieve this important balance.

Look at the Lock Itself, Not Just the Brand Name

Make sure that you choose a lock based on it’s Security Rating. It’s not enough to see a recognizable lock brand name and assume that the lock is strong – especially if the lock is part of their most inexpensive range of products, it’s likely that it doesn’t actually provide enough strong security to protect your property. That being said, popular lock brands are popular for a reason – just make sure that you look at the lock you are choosing to install closely, and focus on the quality/durability of its metal and construction.

Work with a Professional

There are so many variables when dealing with high security locks – as well as a major saturation of lock options on the market today – that can make lock replacement a very daunting and confusing process for the average person. That’s why lock experts like those on the team at SOS Locksmith exist! If you find yourself having issues choosing what type of lock would work best as a replacement at your commercial or residential property, or having issues installing the lock yourself, contact our expert lock replacement team today for instant assistance and easy solutions.


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