Intercom Installation NYC – The Benefits of Having an Intercom

Intercom Installation NYC

If you’re considering additional security features for your home or business, you should consider the many benefits of an intercom system. Intercom installation NYC is a very popular option in the city. Intercoms come in many different shapes and sizes with features to suit everything from a small residential building to a large business. You can place your intercom anywhere you need it and customize the access options. Your intercom may be used for a single office, or to keep the entire building closed to visitors. Intercoms can also allow access to only a certain floor of a large residential building.


You will find you have many choices for intercom installation NYC. Many companies provide products for security intercoms in New York. There are lots of small differences between intercom systems, but you will find there are two major types of intercoms. Audio intercoms are simpler and less expensive if you want a more affordable security system. With an audio intercom, the visitor will press a button and speak to the person they want to see. On the other end, the person can hear and speak to the visitor and decide whether to let them in or not. This helps you to keep complete strangers from coming into the building.


Video intercoms are the other popular type of intercom system. Many intercom installation NYC companies offer video intercom systems as well. With a video intercom system, you can both see and hear the person you are buzzing in. The benefit of a video intercom is that you will be able to tell if the person really is who they claim to be. You may recognize the voice of your friends, but a delivery person is more difficult to identify. Businesses especially can benefit from a video intercom as this allows them to clearly see the client before determining whether they are legit.


When used properly, an intercom installation NYC will keep your building much safer. The only people who are allowed inside should be residents and the guests that they have approved. Putting a clear set of rules into place for intercom use will also increase the effectiveness of this type of system. When you’re purchasing an intercom system, look for a reliable security company. Many will outsource the installation work to others, but SOS Locksmith NYC does all the work themselves. With a company like this, you know you will have a safe, qualified professional working on your system every time.


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