Intercom service NYC – Choosing the Right Intercom System

Gaining entry into a New York City building is not as easy these days as it used to be.  Many office workers now have access cards with photos that they have to scan to enter their workplaces.  Unpredictable times have forced building and business owners to become more vigilant about protecting their entrances from trespassers.  Companies that provide intercom service in NYC have benefited from this increased desire for security.  The best ones offer a wide range of intercoms for residential buildings, small businesses and homes.

An intercom service provider in NYC can help you choose a good system for your business or residence.  You can have a system that provides audio alone, which is more popular in brownstones and small buildings.  This is a basic system that allows someone inside a building to communicate with the person who is trying to gain entry.  Larger buildings, however, tend to have audio-visual components for entry into the buildings. Some will have cameras that can swivel from side-to-side to provide a wider field of vision.  A system can also allow users to view inside the elevator, as an extra security feature.  If the intercom system is for a large home, an intercom service provider in NYC can install a system that allows residents to communicate with each other from various parts of the home.

When you’re ready to have an intercom service company in NYC install a system, the main things to consider are the size of the building; whether or not it has a heavily trafficked entrance; the level of security that you believe will be necessary; and what features you would like it to have.  A reputable intercom service provider in the NYC area will be able to set up a system that is right for you.

At SOS Locksmith NYC, our alarm and intercom specialists are experts in performing top-notch intercom installation services in NYC.  In 2005, SOS Locksmith NYC became the top Siedle dealer in New York.  Our specialists are Siedle-certified and factory-trained. SOS also provides lock, alarm, closed-circuit television, ironwork and access control installations. Our independent department, SOS Advanced Security, has professional technicians who perform advanced electronic installations, repairs and services.  During our thirty years of business, we have gained an excellent record with the BBB, as well as with multiple trade associations and consumer affairs. Call us today and we will give you a free estimate for your intercom service job in NYC.

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