Keyless Lock Guide

Some of the newest technology in the lock industry is keyless locks. The technology for keyless locks was originally created for use with cars, but soon, keyless locks for residential and commercial locations began popping up. Whether you’re obsessed with making your home as high-tech as possible, or simply want to add convenience and trust in your home security system to your mental mindset living at home, keyless locks provide fantastic advantages to your home or business. In case you’re still deciding whether you want to install keyless locks, here’s a guide to them as prepared by the expert residential lock installation technicians at SOS Locksmith to help teach you a little bit more about them.


Keyless Lock Pros

Zero Keys!

Obviously this is one of the major benefits of keyless locks. By having a lock that secures your property without the need for keys, you reduce the chances of getting accidentally locked out and really maximize your convenience getting into your house. You can choose from a bevy of entry formats including Bluetooth, touchscreens, keypads, fingerprints, and many more.


Remote Control

Many keyless entry systems allow you to control your locks through a smartphone application from anywhere in the world, giving you limitless access to your home or business security. You can lock the door from a distance if you forgot to when you left, and even unlock the door remotely to let a visitor in! This helps you grant access to your property to specific people without the necessity of giving out spare keys, which can constitute a security risk if the keys are lost.


Security Awareness

Some smart locks come with applications that alert you whenever the lock is activated or deactivated, telling you who last used the door. This can help you out to keep track of people who forgot to lock the door to remind them – and some locks even automatically lock after a certain amount of time, which is doubly convenient!


Set Time Sensitive Lock Codes

Some keyless entry platforms grant the convenience of creating time-sensitive access codes that can allow specific individuals to access your home at particular times of day. The owner of the lock has full control over who can visit when, so you can be certain that you have total security.


Keyless Lock Cons

Battery Dependency

Some, but not all, types of keyless locks are fully powered by batteries – and all batteries are subject to being completely depleted from time to time. The majority of batteries will work with keyless locks between a half-a-year and a complete year, depending on what brand the lock is, what type of battery is being used, and how often the keyless entry system is used.



Again, some, but not all, keyless locks are technically vulnerable to hackers. Most wireless devices are – but the rate of keyless lock hacking related crimes are so low, there’s no statistics, nor real reason to worry unless you are running a high profile business that could get targeted.

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