Keyless Locks

Door locks were invented over more than 4000 years ago by Egyptians.  They were just basic lock with a simple key made out of iron. Now days there are all types of locks. Until now these types of locks are used but due to advancement in technology key less locks are taking over. The key-less door locks are new technology and they look incredible. All businesses value security as they want their workers to be safe. They also want easy access to their location along with safety. The ‘Key-less Door Lock’ is an emerging trend. Now days they are widely used due to their many benefits. They increase the security of home or commercial space.  The best thing about them is you do not need to worry about keys anymore which you have carried with you all those years.


Key-less locks only use an access card to enter instead of keys.  There is a keypad with a touch screen through which you can gain access. There is a magnetic strip on the card that is read by the computer. Then this information matches the information that is already stored. If it doesn’t match then the door doesn’t open at all no matter what you do.  The key-less lock system does not require any type of wiring or any other tools because it only works on batteries. The key-less lock gives a new choice to everybody from modern home owners to commercial space owners. Below are the list of features that are limited according to the brands:

-Digital touch keypad with Random Security Codes
-User selectable 5~12 digits password
-Anti-panic exit system
-Anti-picking function
-Forced Locking and Re- locking
-Automatic/ Manual locking modes
-Burglar alarm & Fire detection sensor
-Touch Screen for Password
-Advanced operation logic
-Emergency external battery terminal
-Emergency mechanical bypass Key
-Indoor wireless Remote Controller


Simple Installation:

The installation is very simple but always requires a good locksmith. The password you have to input yourself. Never use a simple password for the keyless locks like your address or your birthday because then anybody can unlock it. These types of locks do not need special doors and they can be installed in any type of door.

Types of Keyless Locks:

There are different types of key less lock in the market. You have to choose the one that fits your budget. For example if you own a big commercial space then you can invest in a better quality advanced keyless lock. View all the available options available before selecting the key less lock. Always choose a reliable locksmith as you don’t want to damage your door by using unprofessional. Following are types of key less locks:

  • Electronic Locks

-Uses up to 6 unique user codes

-Lighted keypad

-automatic functions

-Audible/Visual Confirmations


  • Latch Locks

-Great for saltwater environments

-Built-in burglar resistant plunger.

-Automatically locks every time the door is closed.


  • Deadbolt Locks

-Ideal For homes

-Thumb-turns for entry and exit

-Voice guided control

-Maximum security


  • Lever Locks

-Full lever lock

-Water resistant

-8 buttons


  • Gate Locks

-Ideal for glass, wood and narrow doors

-mostly used on storefronts

-Easy to change code


  • Cabinet Locks

- Ideal for cabinets, closets, glass doors

-Also used in Lockers Sliding doors

  •  Marine Grade Locks

-Lever handles on both sides

- Easy Installation
– Easy to change handle

Though there are new innovation Keyless door locks that keep happening. As the latest Keyless lock are ProQsimity by Mul-t-lock, Simplex by Kaba, Arrow Revolution touchscreen deadbolt, Samsung digital door  locks that can be found at SOS Locksmith. SOS Locksmith is the main distributor for most of these locks in NYC.  At our store on 197 7th Ave NY NY 10011 you can find a wide variety of key-less locks at affordable prices. Thus, now you don’t need key hangers in your house anymore because there is key less door lock for every need.



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