Little Known Burglary Facts

A burglary occurs nearly every 18-20 seconds here in the USA – a staggering statistic that should emphasize the importance of making sure that your home and business have the necessary barriers in place to prevent this incredibly common – and damaging – crime. Here’s a guide to some surprising and little known facts about burglary, as prepared by the residential security experts here at SOS Locksmith.

Burglars avoid residences with security systems

The University of North Carolina at Charlotte released a report conducted by their Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology that found that sixty percent of burglars caught and charged said that the presence of a security system at an initially targeted home led them to choose to burglarize another home. Get a sign that announces that your home is being monitored by a security system, and make sure they are visible from every different approach to your home.

Be Aware of Burglary Risk Times

The majority of burglaries occur during the day, between Ten AM and Three PM. Install inside and outside motion activated security cameras that allow you to remotely check on your home during the day, automatically alerting you when motion is detected which allows you to evaluate the situation.

Know that Burglars are likely already in your area

Most burglars actually live within 2 miles of the residence that they target. Due to their proximity, they can easily learn what your family’s schedule is so that they can attempt the robbery when you’re not at home. They will likely look for signs that you are away, like newspapers or flyers piling up, empty trash cans still at the curb, or an unmowed lawn.

Burglaries can be completed within 10 minutes

Make sure to install a home security system with alarms, keep all entrances closed and locked at all times, and installing a strong, solid front door complete with a deadbolt lock that’s of significant length.

Be aware of the risk of burglars entering through windows

Nearly thirty percent of burglars enter homes through unlocked windows – especially when they are concealed behind high shrubs or bushes. Make sure that all windows are both alarmed and locked, even when you’re home. Keep all bushes trimmed so that there’s lots of visibility.

Burglars target bedrooms first

Make sure that your valuables are securely stored, or at least, not conspicuously stored in your bedroom. Most burglars head straight for the master bedroom when they enter a home, where they will rifle through your nightstands and drawers. Jewelry and cash are the first items that burglars look for.




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