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Many of you may have the experience of losing your home, car or safe keys at some point. Your locksmith will not only open the lock for you without damaging the door, he will also help you chose a new lock that is appropriate for your door and install it for you. If you are one of the 8.1 million New York City residents and are looking for lock installation NYC companies, you should trust the SOS Locksmith Company for great service at a competitive price. They have been in business for the past 30 years, and provide 24 hour emergency lock opening and lock installation services. Remember, proper installation of your lock is important for the security of your house, office and family.

Your first step would be to find a lock that is appropriate for your door and for your needs. Measure the hole in the door and bolt plate with the help of a measuring tape. There are hundreds of varieties of locks in the local hardware stores. You can use your measurements to find one that would work for you. You should also consider other features of the new lock before buying it including ease of use and replace ability. Professional lock installation NYC companies such as SOS Locksmith Services will save your time, and provide you expert advice about the different locks in the market. They also carry a wide variety of lock systems at their store in Chelsea district between 21st and 22nd street and 7th avenue.
Installing the lock can be a tricky business. Once you have the lock, you have to install the new latch and bolt plate at the edge of the door. Insert the spindled-half of the door knob, and slip the other half such that the screw holes line up correctly. You then have to screw the halves together. It is important to align all the parts carefully. Some locks may require special skills and tools. Hence, it is advisable to contact a professional lock installation NYC company for best results.
Apart from installing locks, SOS Locksmith Services also offer security devices, alarms, safes and architectural hardware. Their staff and customer service representatives will answer all your questions and give you the best advice in the town. This lock installation NYC company has been rated highly by past customers. Your satisfaction is very important to them.

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