Lock Installation NYC – Why it’s not a DIY Job

When the economy is struggling, many people look for ways to cut costs.  Hardware stores will see an influx of people looking for items for their do-it-yourself projects.  Suddenly, even the non-handy are ready to build their own bookshelves, paint their apartment, fix their broken toilet, and buy DIY books for tips.  But when it comes to lock installation in NYC, these DIY projects can end up costing you much more than you anticipated.

It is always better to hire a company that will do a lock installation in NYC for you, than to attempt it yourself.  A seemingly simple job can quickly become a costly nightmare if done wrong.  The biggest risk you take when you decide to DIY is the chance of doing major damage to your door.  The process can involve drilling holes in a door, and other things that are a lot harder than they may seem.  If the holes are not bored properly, then it can be very difficult to install the lock securely.  In the end, you may still have to get a company to do a lock installation for your NYC business or residence.

If you do decide that having a lock installation done in NYC is just too expensive, remember – if a locksmith has to clean up your damage, the job will be even costlier.  The more sophisticated and secure a lock, the more complicated the installation process may be.  These locks are also likely to cost a lot more.  Do you really want to risk damaging a high-priced lock?  Also, what a locksmith can do in less than an hour may take you all day to do.  Then, to ensure that the lock is fitted into the door as securely as possible, it is best to hire a professional who can perform a lock installation in NYC.


At SOS Locksmith NYC, we are dedicated to providing first-rate lock installations in NYC, as well as intercom and safe sales and services.  We also offer alarm, closed-circuit television, ironwork and access control installations. During our thirty years of business, we have gained an excellent record with the BBB, as well as with multiple trade associations and consumer affairs.  At SOS Locksmith NYC, we provide all major locksets brands, such as Multilock and Medeco, and a wide range of architectural hardware such as Omnia, Emtek and Baldwin.  Our professional service personnel are comprised of fully licensed and highly qualified locksmiths and door service technicians.  We are readily available to perform a lock installation for NYC residents, and to meet our customers’ other locksmith and security needs.  Call us today to get a free estimate.

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