Locks for Garages and Storage Units

Garage doors are important aspects of home security, and are often seen as a target by thieves or burglars. Operated with a remote control, power garage doors usually don’t have the option of turning off remote functionality, say if you were going to be away from the home for a while.


The door that allows one to leave the garage is usually not fully secured. However, your garage door should always be fully shut and locked before you retire to bed every single night, as well as when you’re away from home.


Door Locks

If there’s a door within your garage that leads to your home, it needs to be protected with a lock that offers pick and hammer resistance. Any roll up, tilt, or overhead doors need to be secured with padlocks or bolts that get installed in the center of the tracks a quarter of an inch on top of the roller. Another Possibility is a bolt and lock combo, with a bolt extension into the metal sleeve of the door – and the mechanism itself recessed into the bolt driveway. If you get a latched padlock, ensure that the screws are covered and that the hasp is installed properly. Make sure to choose a lock that will work alongside your automatic door closer, alarm system, and any remote control devices that you use. It’s also a must to ensure that any automatically closing devices have safety functionality that forces them to stop and reverse if they encounter an obstruction.


Keeping the entire garage (and home) safe

High Security Locks

Make sure to lock the front of the garage.


Make sure a strong hasp is installed along the way the exterior doors open, and that it’s protected with a strong, and highly visible padlock – for both functional and deterrant value. It’s also important to make sure that the padlock is strong enough to resist striking or other forced entry methods.


Types of Garage Door Locks


Drill concrete anchors into the floor preventing the garage door from opening when you don’t want it to. Make sure that they get mounted inside the structure far from where a person trying to break in can access them, and that you use a strong bolt lock.



Install a deadbolt latch through the tracts of the garage door to make it more secure. Simply remove the bolt when you want to quickly exit your home.


Key Cylinder / Deadbolt Combo Lock

These devices, notably the one produced by Stanley, are perfect for garage doors that have cores that are lockable. The cylinder lock is replete with a strong, sturdy, and solid tumbler – and all of it’s part works with strong metal pieces.


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