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You may only think of a locksmith as the person you call in the unfortunate event that you get locked out of your home or car. Certainly a locksmith will be able to help you in such situations, but a good locksmith NYC company will be able to help you with much more. SOS Locksmith NYC provides a wide range of services for safety and security. Don’t wait until you’re locked out to look up a good locksmith. These qualified professionals can help you act proactively to maintain the best in locks and other important home safety and security features.

Locksmiths don’t just let you in when you’re locked out. A locksmith is also qualified to install, repair and replace locks. Maintaining your locks is very important. Unfortunately, burglars are always looking for the most innovative way to get into your home, and one of the best ways to stop them is to stay a few steps ahead with the latest locks and security devices. A comprehensive locksmith NYC company like SOS Locksmith NYC will help you install both locks and entire doors. This company is experienced in installing exterior doors made from a variety of materials including metal, glass, iron and wood.


You may not immediately think of ironworks as security features, but these can be important enhancements to your home as well. Window gates, partial window gates, door gates, back entrance gates and even AC gates can give you added security. In a city like New York, where apartments are often located on extremely busy streets, you should consider every entrance and feature of your home as vulnerable. Though the thought of these gates may conjure jail-like images, a locksmith NYC company such as SOS Locksmith NYC can give you options that are quite decorative and add to the appeal of the building.


When a standard lock just isn’t enough, you’ll need a locksmith NYC company that can offer something more. New York City is more populous than any other city in the country and you want to be sure you can control who comes in and out of your building. Advanced access control options to consider include keypad access, card access or a fingerprint reader. For something a little less advanced, you may also consider an intercom panel so you can buzz people in. Many intercoms today are even equipped with cameras so you can always see who is at your building before you let them in

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