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Losing Keys is never fun – and in fact, it can represent a major security risk to your home or business! Here’s a guide to a selection of fantastic products on the market today that can help you keep track of your keys from anywhere – as prepared by the residential lockout experts at SOS Locksmith. Simply affix these devices to your keys, and activate them when you can’t find them to sound a loud alarm that will alert you to their location.

Track R

This company makes two devices, the TrackR Pixel and the TrackR Bravo. The TrackR Bravo is somewhat horizontally wider, but thinner, and the TrackR Pixel is thicker, but with a smaller diameter. The TrackR Pixel has an alarm with 90 decibels, while the TrackR Bravo has an alarm with 82 disciples. The TrackR Pixel also has a wider range of colors.


This device has two trackers, with batteries that last between six and eight months. The alarm function can be paired with a smart device to alert you when the E-Byta and they keys have lost your connection. It offers fantastic value as it comes to key tracking devices.


Choose between a round and square Boldguard. This device is ideal for those who want to make sure that their keys and smartphone are always nearby each other, as it works through connection to your phone. When your phone and keys have separated from each other, the Bodyguard’s alarm will be activated.


This Bluetooth key finder has an incredibly lengthy battery life – it lasts between a year and eighteen months. It’s also water resistant, making it an ideal choice for key owners who live in areas with extreme inclement weather.


This low cost key tracking option provides you with 3 seperate key locators. It can be attached to keychains with a lanyard, and works through Bluetooth. It tracks keys from a range of seventy-five feet, and automatically rings when this distance is bypassed. This is a fantastic option for those who often find that they leave their keys behind at home, or those who often drop their keys.


This unique key tracking device has a seperate remote from your smartphone, making it ideal for a business environment where keys need dedicated levels of attention. The company provides a year’s worth of warranty, and it’s super easy to change the batteries of this device.

AIKO Finder

This rechargeable key finding device can be charged with a micro USB port. It lets you know when a recharge is necessary – and is sold either individually, or in a pack of four. This makes it an ideal option for those who want to purchase rechargeable key location tokens to track multiple keys – or even other important objects.


This fully metallic key and device locator is made completely of Aluminium for a sleek and futuristic appearance. It’s battery can be changed with great ease, and is available in a wide range of customizable colors. It blends in fantastically with key rings, and it helps track keys via Bluetooth connection.

CUBE Key Finder

This device is enclosed in a rubber body, making it very quiet to carry around which can provide an advantage when looking for keys in a noisy environment. This device’s battery life lasts a year, and it can be easily replaced by consumers. It offers a good option for those looking for a medium price range key tracking device.


This key tracking device has an incredibly long range of key tracking distance – about 200 feet, which is nearly twice the usual amount for these devices. It’s only available in black – and while it has an incredibly loud speaker, it is not waterproof.


This independant key or device tracking works without the need for smartphone connection, making it a good choice for those who prefer to keep their key trackers seperate – or those who don’t have a smartphone. It has perhaps the longest range for key trackers on the market today, of about 300 feet. It comes with two trackers that both have internal alarms – when they are separated, they will activate each other. It’s best used by keeping a single tracker in a special place on a constant location, so you never lose it.


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