Maxum Deadbolt Keep It Lock

Doors with decorative window glass are vulnerable to invasion. But not with the Medeco Maxum deadbolt lock. With a feature that allows you to lock the door from both the inside and the outside, broken glass is where the invasion is prevented. One out of 63 homes has been burglarize in the United States last year get Medeco Maxum deadbolt it secures your safety in more ways than one. Maxum Deadbolt Keep It Lock.

One of the problems with a decorative opening is having windows in or around the door. Anyone who has the ability to reach the thumbturn on the inside of the lock can gain immediate access.

While some localities may allow the use of deadbolts which use a key on the inside as well, that can be a problem. You could lock yourself in during an emergency.
Medeco offers you the control over your security. With a removable thumbturn on the Maxum Deadbolt, you have the option of keeping it in the lock, or taking it out when you feel most vulnerable. Like when you’re on vacation


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