Why We Sell Medeco Locks

At SOS Locksmith, we are the only New York based company that supplies the latest technology from Medeco. Is this important, you ask? Why yes, it is. After all, we are dedicated to keeping you safe by providing you with the latest and best advancements in the industry. So let’s talk about why having Medeco as our suppliers benefits you.

Medeco was originally founded as “Mechanical Development Company” in 1968, very simple, very straightforward. They eventually shortened it to Medeco by taking the first two letters of every word. In the beginning, they were a small shop in Salem, Virginia that was built on an invention. With this one creation, they have grown throughout the years to become a leading name in security with multiple new designs and unbreakable patents to protect the company and the customers. They are constantly coming out with more innovative ways to protect your home.

Medeco Cylinder and Key

This was the first invention from Medeco and the one that started to company. This lock was unique because they had special tumblers with different elevations and rotations, providing millions of combinations. This made the lock cylinder nearly impossible to break. The key was also cut at an angle making it harder to duplicate. The design was so unique at the time Medeco acquired a patent for it. They have brought cases to court multiple times and won. This is important because Medeco emphasizes key control for their customer’s safety. The patents mean that no one can duplicate a Medeco key without Medeco’s permission.

Biaxial Locking System

A couple years past and Medeco improved their locking system with Biaxial in 1985. Everything about this lock is patented as well, deterring unauthorized duplication of the keys. Also, this new lock was made of hardened steel making it even more difficult to break into physically.


KeyMark appeared in 1995 as a note-worthy event in Medeco’s history. KeyMark locks are meant more for situations where key control is the important issue. It became the idyllic lock for commercial buildings because of its interchangeable core.

Electronic Locks

With SiteLine, Medeco finally entered the area of electronic locks. SiteLine products has both electronic and mechanical access control which is what makes the product unique. It is the first in Medeco’s eCylinder technology which includes Nexgen XT, Logic, and Vertical Logic. Medeco3 Medeco3 Locking system was unveiled in 2003. Based on the original lock and the Biaxial one, Medeco3 has three distinct locking points, increasing the security of the lock. It also raises the number of unique combinations available. The key is stronger as well.

The Government Trusts Medeco

Not only does Medeco provide locks for residential and commercial purposes, but they also provide security for the government. Both abroad and at home, US government and military establishments are protected by Medeco’s technology. Their patented key and locks guarantee that no one will be able to get a duplicate. Medeco also protects universities, hospitals, and banks.

What’s Not To Love?

Considering the high quality of Medeco locks, SOS Locksmith is proud to be the only retailer in NYC that sells them. By selling products from Medeco, we are promising customers the highest quality product and unquestionable safety. Even the government trusts Medeco locks to protect their secrets. At SOS Locksmith, we only sell the best because we know how important your home or office is.

Get a free quote from us now! Contact us if you have any question or visit us at our main showroom at 197 7th Ave (between 22nd & 21st streets) to see our selection of Medeco locks in action.

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