Motorcycle Security Tips

Motorcycle thefts are increasing in the United States – you can prevent the loss of your precious wheels by ensuring that your motorcycle is secure and protected. Here’s a guide to SOS Locksmith’s top motorcycle security tips, as prepared by our residential security experts here at SOS Locksmith.


Lock your Bike to Something Heavy

Try locking your motorcycle to something firm and heavy that can’t easily be moved or knocked over.


Avoid Customizations

Customized motorcycles make them more attractive to potential robbers, so as boring as this sounds, try to make your bike more typical looking.


Motorcycle Covers

Cover your bike with a durable motorcycle cover – it will act as a deterrent to potential thieves.


Park in Crowded Areas

Try to park your motorcycle in crowded areas – this will act as a psychological deterrent, as well as a physical barrier to allowing the potential bike thief to more easily get away.


Always Keep Keys on You

Even if you’re just parking your bike for a couple minutes while you grab a snack, don’t leave your keys into the ignition. Always carry your keys on your body.


Lock Ignitions

Always lock your ignition when you park your bike – this deters potential thieves from attempting to use screwdrivers or keys to jimmy the ignition open.


Disc and Fork Locks

These locks secure the front wheel or steering of your bike, preventing it from being able to move even if thieves somehow get your keys. When a fork lock is in place, other bike features will still operate, however the motorcycle cannot be driven.



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