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Feature Lock: Mul-T-Lock Hercular Deadbolt

It usually surprises people to realize how easily, and quickly,  regular, traditional lock hardware can be picked. There’s tons of educational resources out there for burglars to teach themselves how to break into homes. By investing in a high security Mul-T-Lock door cylinder, you can maximize the security of your home, protecting your home from the range of entry techniques. It’s a simple operation by a Locksmith’s away from ensuring that your home or business is fully protected.

 Lock Built-In Superiority

The Hercular Deadbolt is a high security steel and brass deadbolt system. It has a ANSI Grade 1 Security Certification – and features internal protection from all manners of lock picking tools including drills, wrenches, ice picks, hammers, bumping, and prying attacks. This lock has matched or exceeded the most rigorous of industry standard tests. What makes this lock so unique, is it’s patented inner key slot structure. It’s impossible to copy it’s keys from a photo, as many untrustworthy key companies do with standard keys. The Mul-T-Lock Hercular Deadbolt combines the strength of a double sided locking deadbolt with the ergonomic usability of a thumbturn unlocking latch.

Broad Range of Keying Options

Since the Hercular Deadbolt has a customizable internal structure, there are countless options for how you can arrange your key situation. You can choose to have a key that works on some, but not all doors – or have a single master key to open every high security lock in your home or business, including doors, cabinets, padlocks, or other security checkpoints.

With its truly unique design the MUL-T-LOCK  deadbolt is truly spectacular. The Hercular deadbolt is reinforced in just about every way possible. From a UL437 Listed Cylinder, to strong latch, to Bolt Bearing Mechanism, the Hercular Deadbolt will stop almost any attempt at forced entry. Strength usually does not mix with Flexibility. Not in the case of the Hercular, since it is the only Grade 1 Deadlock with an adjustable back-set.

Lock Application

High Security deadbolt system for commercial and residential doors.

Additional features

Suitable for two backsets, no need for different parts
Supplied as standard with 1″ (25 mm) throw
Thumbturn tail adjustable to door width
Thumbturn can be set horizontally or vertically in locked position


90˚ key rotation throws the bolt 1″ towards the frame, interlocking two hardened ball bearings with the strike to increase jimmying resistance.


Standard faceplate
Drive in (for beveled doors)
Double cylinder
Single cylinder
Captive key deadbolt

Ring and cylinder: solid brass
Bolt anti drilling ring: hardened steel
Strike: steel
Pins: nickel silver and stainless steel

Standard finishes
Nickel chrome matte; Nickel chrome; PVD

Special finishes
Antique brass; 10B

Lifetime finishes
US3; US26; US26D; US5A; US10B6


Cylinder mechanism
Mul-T-Lock’s unique, high-precision pin tumbler system.

Reversible nickel silver key with plastic key head and colored insert.
Also available in all nickel silver.

Cylinder platforms
Classic; Interactive®+

Cylinder options

Keyed different
Keyed alike
Master keyed
’3 IN 1′ (changeable combination)

UL437; UL; Conforms to ANSI GRADE 1


Spacers required for doors less than 38 mm width.

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