The New Age OF CCTV Systems

CCTV system

Installing a new CCTV system requires a new approach. This article suggests the ways in which you must organize a new system for your home or business. CCTV is still a viable security option, but you need to consider this new approach before you invest your money in these cameras.

Think Big And Small

You must think big to determine how far your system can go. A large CCTV system can cover your whole home or business, but you need to know exactly how far to reach with those cameras. You cannot place a camera around every corner, but you can place enough cameras to cover the whole area.

You must think small to condense all those electronics into one system you can view. Thinking small requires you to access your video feeds on a computer, laptop or mobile device. You cannot afford to place a large TV screen in your home or office to show the CCTV feed because that is simply overdoing it.

Strategize Before Using The System

You must determine what you want to get out of the system. Video surveillance has many purposes, and you must think about what those cameras will be used for. Routine surveillance is a protective measure you take to have video of the facility. Security cameras that are manned by someone can be moved to track people in the house or business. Do not install anything unless you know whether you need static or moving cameras.

Analog Or Digital?

You can use analog tapes for your system if you are comfortable storing all the tapes you make. The analog system must be managed by a security staffer at your business, or you must collect the tapes yourself at home.

Digitizing your video feeds is easier. You can save these video files to your computer, and you can back up these video feeds to a drive for later viewing. Your security system depends on the ability to watch these tapes back at any time. Storage is key, and digital is a much simpler storage option.

Protect Your Video Feed

Using a digital video feed requires the use of a wireless network. The wireless network you use must be password protected for your own safety. Someone with the proper means can hack your video feed, and you will be left at their mercy once they have access to your video feed.

Evolve With The Industry

The industry is evolving to use IP video, and you must evolve with this change in the industry. There will come a time when you cannot use analog, and you must try to move to digital video as fast as you can. You must take the first opportunity to move to digital, and you can adapt a good bit of your equipment the digital environment.

You can make the most of your video system by using these suggestions. Adapting your system to the digital age is possible, and you may make a change soon.

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