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Historically, locksmiths have been considered as artists who make locks and also have the ability to defeat or break them. The 8.1 million New York City residents may require the services of locksmiths from time to time. While it might be an occasional event for some of you, others may have an increased tendency of losing their home, apartment, car or safe keys. Professional NY locksmiths including SOS Locksmith Company provide 24 hour emergency services to the residents of the city. It is important to choose a company that is trustworthy and efficient.

The NY locksmiths use a variety of tools to open in your locked doors. Plug spinners help them rotate the plug inside the lock without relocking the device. A lock with a plug that spins only one way is often difficult to open. Your locksmith may also use flat, L-shaped pieces of metal known as tension wrenches to move the keys inside the lock. These tools work due to the application of force and tension. Some locksmiths may also use lock picks. They are thin, flat and durable pieces of metal that come in several shapes and sizes. They can help open a variety of locks. Mechanical lock picks may, however, damage the pins and springs of the lock, and make it useless.

Professional NY locksmiths are also trained and knowledgeable about the various types of locks in the market such as dead bolts, knob bolts, liver handle locks, cam locks, mortise locks and Euro profile cylinders. They can, therefore, help open the lock without damaging the door. You may even be able to reuse your lock sometimes. At other times, you may have to install a new lock. SOS Locksmith Services may also advise you about the type and size of lock that would fit your door. They can also install the lock for you. In fact, they carry a wide range of locks at their store in Chelsea district.

There are hundreds of NY locksmiths in the market today. You should carefully choose your service provider. SOS Locksmith Company has been serving the NYC area for the past 30 years. Their reliable customer service representatives can help answer all your questions before letting you make the final decision. They also provide additional security services such as closed-circuit televisions, alarms, intercoms and safes. They can meet all your 21st century safety and security needs.

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