3 Key Elements that make a good Lock System

Mul-T-Lock recently launched it’s special Classic Pro cylinder, their new patented security platform. They have been revolutionizing the market now for years with their superior lock grades. One of the experts at Mul-T-Lock provided this brief guide to the most important aspects of home protection. It’s important to first understand that the entire Mul-T-Lock security philosophy involves them basing their cylinders on special patent designs, known as keying systems or platforms. The most important aspects of a quality lock platform, according to the experts at Mul-T-Lock, are:


  • Multiple Combination Options

Each cylinder has a certain amount and range of possible pin combinations that ensures it’s unique security function. By utilizing multiple number combinations within cylinders, Mul-T-Lock gives their customers much higher levels of security, avoiding the possibility of multiple customers buying a cylinder that has the same combination, and thus, the same key.


  • Patients with Longevity

When keying systems have patents, and a customer loses their key, the customer can only have a new key cut or made by an authorized professional locksmith or dealer – which provides a useful additional layer of security. This basically means that in the lock manufacturing industry, the longer a patent can last, the stronger the amount of security the locks provide.


  • Holding to International Standards

A quality lock system will help hold to international security standards for protecting you and your property from all forms of risks including burglary, break-ins, lock picking, lock bumping, and forced entry – as well as promising you a level of total uniform precision in all manufacturing standards.


The brand new Mul-T-Lock Classic Pro lock technology has a special pateent that will last until the year 2033. It is compliant with the strictest level of international lock standards, provides total key control protection that prevents any unapproved copying, and holds massive resistance to all forms of picking, bumping, drilling, or other break in methods.


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Mul-t-lock Patented Key Duplication NYC

Mul-T-Lock, one of SOS Locksmith’s most quality and popular brands sold, is always working to develop and design key platforms to meet their customer’s needs – which all utilize advanced technology. They have innovated the market to create a range of fantastic, high quality key duplication units. Here’s our guide to some of them.



This triple locking high security mechanism allows for ideal levels of key control through their patented key design, and the requirement for a magnetic strip key order card to be presented in order for the keys to get duplicated by a special card swipe key cutting device. These keys also have strong resistance against all forms of picking, bumping, drilling, or other forced entry methods.



This double locking high security device gives customers high levels of key control, again, through their patented key design system, as well as the necessity to present a key order card to only an authorized dealer to copy the key in a unique type of key cutting machine. It has strong resistance against all forms of lock manipulation, including drilling, picking, and bumping. It also can be fit with patented CLIQ electromechanical solutions that are perfect for security applications that require higher levels of physical security. The new Interactive platforms are brand new, but are backwards compatible with older forms of Mul-T-Lock Interactive key systems.



This affordable option provides all the features of a commercial security lock, but at a lower price for residential or small business owners. It features key copy protection, strong high quality physical components, and Mul-T-Lock’s award winning patented security technology. This lock involves a combination of the brand’s telescopic pinning technology with a unique painted cut which helps homes and small businesses live up to a particularly high security standard. It offers complete and total break-in and intrusion resistance as well.



This new type of patented key platform features copy control similar to Mul-T-Lock’s other specialty keys, however does not offer the same level of high physical security as others. This key platform is best utilized in a system that combines it with their (not patented) 7X7 system in order to make a double-tiered security program – which combines some patented cylinders and keys with other non-patented technology. It’s best used in applications that while requiring protection against unwarranted key copying, does not need advanced physical security.


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