Guarding your Home from Daytime Burglaries

The majority of burglaries actually occur during the day when people are at work and school; however, in most people’s mind’s eye, burglaries only happen under cover of darkness – a delusion that many burglars exploit in order to attack people’s homes when they are left unprotected. Here’s a guide from the residential locksmith experts at SOS Locksmith on how to prevent burglaries that occur during the daytime.

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Home Security Spring Cleaning Tips

When most people think of Spring cleaning, they simply envision dusting their curtains or resorting their bathroom cabinets. However, Spring cleaning is actually a fantastic opportunity to bolstering one’s home security, ensuring that their possessions and family are protected during the coming Summer months. Here’s a guide from the residential lock installation and residential security experts at SOS Locksmith on how you can utilize your Spring cleaning in order to bolster your home security.

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