Panic Bars

Panic bars are essential pieces of safety hardware that allows for the easy exit from buildings in the event of an emergency. However, there’s other benefits and uses for panic bars that are little known aside from professionals. In this blog post, the residential and commercial security experts here at SOS Locksmith will provide some details as to the history of and uses for panic bar hardware.

Panic Bars for Emergency Evacuation Assistance

Panic bars were invented in response to deadly tragedies caused by fires in crowded theaters – and they are meant to prevent the possibility of similar events ever occurring again. Panic bars are known as push bars, panic exit devices, and crash bars. They are a horizontal bar that gets installed across a door’s width. They consist of a spring loaded machine, usually made of a latching and a lever that works with a simple push. When pushed, the panic device retracts a latch in the mechanism, unlocking and opening the door in a manner that allows people inside to exit quickly.

Benefits of Panic Bar Installation by SOS Locksmith

Safety for Emergencies

If there is an emergency situation where people are panicked and running, and the panic bar is pushed, the door automatically opens outwards, allowing for the crowd to exit through the unobstructed opening. This greatly diminishes the chances of people being injured during the stampede for an exit.

Safety in Non-Emergencies

Panic bars keep doors locked from the outside, preventing the possibility of unauthorized entry. Only individuals inside the building already can open the door.


Panic bars are affordable when you work with SOS Locksmith, who’s skilled technicians will precisely and professionally install panic bars that satisfy both the security needs of your facility, while also remaining square within your budget.

Insurance Benefits

By increasing the safety and security of your property, you will have the possibility of receiving a lower discounted insurance price. This is due to the increased safety and security that panic bars will offer your property.

Facilities Panic Bars are often Used At

Panic bars are usually used in larger facilities like school campuses, universities, factories, and hospitals. They are often also deployed in movie theaters, performance and concert halls, museums, galleries, and exhibition centers. They are a fantastic choice for environments where you will need to provide safety to a large amount of people while additionally enforcing a security protocol that locks out individuals who don’t belong on your property. By allowing an experienced locksmith like those at SOS Locksmith to install panic bars that satisfy OSHA requirements and building codes, you will ensure the compatibility of your property with government mandated safety codes, while also receiving the peace of mind in knowing that those on your property are truly protected.


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