Porch Lights and Security Risks

Residential security, while managed through concrete practices and steps, is actually a shifting concept that’s influenced by multiple factors of how people operate their homes, some of which are commonly overlooked or considered unimportant. One of these essential factors is the way that porch lights are operated. If you’re lucky enough to have a home with a front porch or stoop, leaving your porch light on or off makes a big impact on the level of protection that your home enjoys. Here’s a guide to the home security influences of porch lights from the residential security experts at SOS Locksmith.

Here’s when to keep your porch light on for security:

  • When you’re home during nighttime -

Make sure to keep your porch light on when you’re home at night. It signals your presence at home, especially when matched with interior lighting. This way you can easily spot anyone on your porch through a window.

  • When you expect someone to visit late at night -

This way it helps any family member, friend, or visitor to safely and securely get to your front door safely. We consider using a smart light bulb for your porch so that you can turn it on from anywhere. This way you can ensure that you have a lighted walkway when you approach your home, even when you come home super late.

  • When you’re away, but kids are still at home -

This way you won’t have to worry about your kid’s security, and they will feel much safer. Make sure to leave multiple interior lights on, even in your bedroom, to create the illusion that many people are at home.

  • When you’re expecting a delivery -

This will assist the delivery person, and remind you to pick up the package before you go to bed.

Porch lights work best when combined with indoor, garage, and deck lights. This thoroughly creates the appearance that more people are home and moving around.

When to turn off your porch light for security:

  • When you’re on vacation, during the day -

If your porch light is ALWAYS on, even during the day, it signals that you’re not home. Get a light timer, a smart bulb, or ask a neighbor or friend to turn the light off.

  • When you go to bed -

By regularly turning it off, it allows people to see that people are home. Many of today’s porch lights are attached to motion sensors that automatically turn on when they sense motion on or near the porch.

  • If you live in a rural area -

This way any potential burglar will have a harder time locating and finding your house, and will potentially move around for longer when staking out your location, signaling their presence. If you have motion detector lights, burglars will have nighttime vision loss, which gives you more time to contact the authorities.


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