Precautions for Storm Related Dangers

Getting through any storm is difficult. The best way to deal with the situation is by being prepared. Precautions need to be taken during and after the storm. You need to check your home for any damages after the storm. The steps below should guide you through the process. If you do notice any damages, enlist the help of a trusted professional.

1.      Home Security

If your home security has been compromised, you need to call your local locksmith. Our technicians at SOS Locksmith are trained and available to handle all lock and security repairs. Our locksmiths can inspect your home for any damages, assess the problem then repair it.

2.      Home Wiring

A lot of residents experience flooding to their home during a storm. If your home was damaged in this way, you need to have a professional check all of the wiring in the home. They will check for shocks and fire hazards in the circuit breakers, switches, outlets, etc.

3.      Electrical Appliances

If your home was flooded during a storm and your appliances got wet, do NOT turn them on. You need to unplug all wet appliances and keep them unplugged until a professional assesses the situation. The electrical appliances cannot be used until they are dried out completely. If you use a wet appliance, you pose a danger to yourself because you can get electrocuted.


4.      Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Carbon monoxide is a silent killer; you cannot see it, smell it or taste it. Only CO alarms can detect any trace of carbon monoxide. Therefore, it’s extremely important to have working CO alarms installed in your home. Install an alarm on every level of your home and any other place(s) required by the law.

5.      Gas Leaks

All of the appliances in the home that use gas such as gas cooking stoves, gas home heating systems, hot water heaters and gas clothing dryers need to be checked for gas leaks. If you smell gas, turn off the main gas source and contact your gas company immediately.


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