Professional Home Security Assessment

This blog post will help you assess the security of your home on a professional level. Risk assessments help you balance the cost of the defensive strategy against whatever losses might happen if it isn’t implemented. It’s important to remember that value is subjective – and that the safety of your household is utterly priceless. Risk assessment will help you be prepared in the event of a home invasion or other disaster.


Kinds of Risks

Business Risk

If you use your home as your office, having any sort of records, computers, servers, or other business information stolen can prevent you from working – compromising the effective progress of your business.


Fraud / Identity Theft

This involves the theft of information that can in turn be used to steal money, valuables, or other records. This can destroy your credit.


Legal Risk

If your property isn’t equipped according to legal regulations you may put yourself in financial risk.


Lost Property

Some objects are irreplaceable – whether the value is sentimental or monetary.


When you’re assessing the threats to your property, be realistic – research what sort of natural disasters might affect your area. Yes, this includes nearby trees that could damage property. Assess your security – checking your locks, camera, doors – or any of the variables of your property that could pose a danger or vulnerability. Proper installation of any latches, locks, or security tools is of key importance; a lock pretty much doesn’t mean anything if it’s, for example, installed on the outside of a window. Additionally, if there’s multiple people who can access the property, it’s more vulnerable.


Layers of Protection


Any and all locks should be installed correctly and functioning properly – and if it works, use it!! Any unused or unimplemented lock is pretty much the same thing as having no lock at all then your security is compromised.



These can be controlled with a padlock, or electronic lock which can be remotely controlled. The code or key controlling the gate can either be shared amongst your household / business or controlled by a single individual – it’s also possible that a guard or attendant could be assigned to the sole operation of this gate.


Window Protection / Visibility

Windows can be incredibly vulnerable – make sure to always lock them. If you want to continue to up your security, install bars in them, or have them tinted according to a 3M security film, reducing the likelihood of potential criminals peering in. Visibility also affects security on the outside of the home – the less hiding spots or coverage there is on the outside of home, the more reduced likelihood of a burglary – make sure that there’s full perimeter visibility around your building.


Security Cameras / Motion Sensors

Non-operational security cameras can be utilized as an effective deterrent to any potential burglars, while fuller security systems that offer remote alerts can help notify law enforcement automatically if your security is ever messed with. Motion sensors protect against unwanted activity in a number of ways – they can sound alarms or flash warning lights as deterrents, or contact law enforcement.


A well operating alarm is one that not only alarms the burglar (increasing the chance that they will abandon whatever crime they are trying to commit) but one that alerts neighbors that can contact law enforcement as soon as possible – assuming you’re not already home. As a general rule, the louder the alarm is, the better.


The more layers of protection that you have the better. By using redundant security laters, you’re exponentially increasing the security of your home.


Questions to ask yourself when assessing your home security.

  • What valuables do I keep in my home?

  • How easily could I self install security hardware?

  • Is there crime in my area?

  • Do I own my home (can I make structural changed?)

  • Who has access to my home?

  • Do the windows all lock from the inside?

  • Is there a tree with which the roof of the property can be accessed?

  • Are there any known threats?

  • Do you have operating alarms?


Ask yourself these questions in order to assess the amount of security layers you need to add to your home; a home security professional, like those at Chicago Locksmiths, can expertly and efficiently install any security assets you need.

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