Protecting Yourself during a Lockout


Lockouts are a very difficult to position to find oneself in.  Most lockouts occur when keys are misplaced or left inside the home, resulting in individuals remaining unable to access their residence.  Most people would typically resort to a multitude of options in this scenario: phoning friends or family member with access, contacting those with duplicate key sets and so on with the last option being to phone a local locksmith company.  However, phoning a locksmith company is not as simple as just calling a local number, as there are many other factors to consider including the fact that some companies are looking to take advantage of you. 

Most fraudulent companies will take advantage of your vulnerable situation by charging you extravagant fees for a simple lock bumping technique that is inexpensive and will cause no damage to your locking mechanisms.  Instead they will try and assert their prices and restrictions knowing that in your desperation you will have no other choice but to accept.  At SOS Locksmith, we want to make sure that you are protected during your lockout, and based on a business article recently published by ABC NEWS, will provide you with some tips on what to be aware of when you are locked out of your house.

Do your research

One of the most important steps to protect yourself from being taken advantage of is to do your research.  Obviously by the time you are locked out of your residence, it will be too late to get research done so we are recommended you perform this step immediately to avoid complication later on.  Do research on local locksmith companies in your areas and see which ones are professionally licensed, have active storefronts and offer good rates.  Keep the number on you at all times, in you wallet or on your phone.  This way in the event of an emergency situation you are somewhat aware of who it is you are hiring and what services they provide for you.

Beware of the rates

Fixed rates are very important because it generally implies that no additional fees will be applied, and when they are a professional locksmith will make you aware of it beforehand.  Rates are a very important thing to be aware of as many locksmith companies will take advantage of your situation by charging you egregious amounts after they have already finished their work.  Always ask about the additional fees and remind focused on the price of the job.

The process

Remember that for a simple lockout no drilling or lock replacement is necessary, as only lock bumping and picking should be the only techniques employed.  Under special circumstances these tactics can be used, but for a simple lockout they are simply not required.  Remember if your locksmith company is suggesting anything other that simple lock bumping for lockouts, then they are simply trying to take advantage of your situation by making you pay more money for a service that is costly and not necessary.

ABCNEWS describes this process in remaining aware of how to protect yourself during moments of lockouts throughout their article .  And if you require a professional locksmith company that will not take advantage of you during your moments of need contact SOS Locksmith, one of the most trusted names in locksmith in NYC

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