Quick Door Unlocking Tips

Regardless of whether you lost the keys to your home, business, or vehicle, there’s always a way to get your locked door open. Any expert licensed locksmith will know the vast array of these methods – and be able to determine the best course of action based on the specifics of what type of lock you are dealing with. Here’s the best entry methods based on what type of lockout you are dealing with.

Residential Lockouts

  1. Find your spare key. It’s a great practice to leave a spare key in the hands of a trusted friend, family member, or neighbor. Some people even hide house keys somewhere on their property. If you have done any of the above, getting back in your home is a simple matter of retrieving your spare key.

  2. Enter from another door. Can you enter through a window or back door? Keep in mind that if you can, you will probably want to examine and bolster your home’s security infrastructure.

  3. Contact a professional locksmith like SOS – we are experts in handling residential lockouts, and can instantly restore entry to your home.


Automotive Lockouts

If you are trying to get back in your car and realize you have lost or accidentally left your keys in your car, it can be stressful indeed. First:

  1. Try and find a spare car key. For all the obvious reasons above. If you don’t’ have one (many people do not, so don’t feel bad – but consider getting one!) move on to step 2.

  2. Manipulate post locks. These stick locks located in many older car models can be manipulated by a string or shoelace tied into a slip not and moved through the space between the frame and the door itself. You can additionally perform this with a wire – simply loop the post, tighten the knot, and pull it up. We advise not using tools like slim jims to do so, because they can really damage important components of your door.

  3. Manipulate switch locks. These tab like locks, used in most modern cars, can be harder to manipulate from outside than post locks. If you want to try to do so, you should use a long and stiff prodding tool and try to get someone to look at the process through the opposite window so as to better guide you.

  4. If the above steps fail – or you simply want to rest easy without risking damage to your car, contact a professional automotive locksmith expert.


Commercial Lockouts

  1. Contact your building manager or superintendent. These individuals, or those at property management offices will likely have a spare key to your office and be able to instantly restore your access.

  2. Contact coworkers. If you work with other people, there’s likely another working key to your office in your grasp – see if anyone else from your workforce has a spare key – just make sure to compensate these co-workers or employees for taking the time to help you.

  3. Contact a professional. If these two options don’t work, contact a licensed locksmith with experience handling commercial lockouts. You really don’t want to be attempting to break into your own business – as even if you can prove you work there, it’s simply not worth the potential trouble – nor the potential costs of repairing or replacing any of the security components that you will likely compromise in your attempts to access the building.

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