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Property managers face a myriad of security challenges in New York City. If there’s one thing that should never sleep, it’s definitely security. As a destination of high-rise, commercial, and residential buildings, professional office spaces and historic monuments, property managers face this main challenge: They must keep their tenants feeling safe and secure, while certain that their building provides state-of-the-art security services. Here are 5 tips Security Tips For NYC Management Company can follow to bring New York City buildings up-to-date. 


  • Building Maintenance


When someone accesses your building, the lights and locks should be in working order, things should feel safe and secure. That’s a given. But this requires updates. And, this also requires a property manager to routinely investigate issues raised by tenants and to check the building for its proper working order. If the aesthetic and working order of the building is lacking, this will invite the idea of careless supervision and clumsy management. Security breach is fed through what appears to be or is unmaintained. This invitation is stilled by basic property maintenance and upkeep. One’s ROI should be in updating and maintaining new locks for apartment buildings and making security a valuable ROI amenity.

Our Tip: See to it that the building maintenance and security is checked and upgraded. Be attentive to tenant response. Not only should your building appear secure, but it should be secure. Both work as a deterrent to what is unlawful. 


  •  Update to Audio/Video Surveillance


Pan-tilt-zoom camera mounts and facial recognition systems are the new standard in securing buildings. In New York City, one of the best ways to keep a building secure is with the implementation of data recording technologies. If building managers do not hire 24/7 security professionals, it’s very important that the building is being supervised in another powerful way: audio/video surveillance. This will insure that your building is secure at all times. 

 New York City buildings should have audio/video security services like: 

  1.  Audio/video intercoms
  2. Siedle Audio/Video Intercoms
  3. Comelit Audio/Video Intercoms
  4. Building Intercoms
  5. Intercom Panels
  6. iDor Mobile
  7. Ip Intercoms
  8. Facial Recognition Systems
  9. Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) systems

  10. External CCTV system


Our Tip: It’s imperative in NYC to install audio/video surveillance or facial recognition systems in buildings and it’s cost effective too. 



  • Duplicating Keys and Updating Locks


Set a key duplication limit that suits the needs of your building. Lost or stolen keys put the security of your building at extreme risk. Better yet, update the technology of your keys. Key duplication control is available through our partner Assa Abloy. They offer an Abloy Protec2 model which requires a code card for key duplication, or a key with micro-electronics that CANNOT be illegally copied, even if the key is borrowed or lost.


Updating locks is also important. Commercial buildings may be inclined to upgrade to card or key FOB access locks or residential owners may look into hybrid locking technologies from Medeco and Mul-T-Locks. These locks improve security by allowing users to digitally add and delete user keys and give owners a fully secure key without the weight of using an entire software access system. Check out what is available in up-to-date lock technology: 


  1. Cylinder Locks
  2. Mortise Locks
  3. Top Guard Locks
  4. Deadbolt Locks
  5. Decorative/Architectural Lock-Set
  6. Cylindrical Locks



  • Ironwork, Window Bars 


For New York City buildings with ground-level windows and doors- especially with scalable second story windows which may remain open for ventilation purposes like air conditioning- consider window and door ironwork to add additional security. Ironwork and window bar with a custom design can add a touch of elegance to our building plus the added security you will need.


Our Tip: Survey buildings that seem like they may be subject to entry on basement, ground or second story levels. Consider fence, gating, ironwork and window bars if there are high-risk points of break-in entry and think about external cameras to capture building activities.



  • 24 hour Doorman or Virtual doorman Services


When hiring a property manager, be sure that they have the ability and the desire to implement the security that’s needed for your goals. Luckily NYC is a place where property managers can be found somewhat easily. All buildings need them to manage information security. In the long run, this will save you time and money. 

Our Tip: Seek-out someone whom you can trust. If you’re building needs a property manager who is highly experienced take to someone with those credentials, if the building has security needs but has a lower intensity don’t be afraid to higher someone who can grow into an asset and investment for your building. Always trust your intuition.










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