Storefront Security

Here at SOS Locksmith, we think it’s essential for business owners to find a balance between strong security and budget consciousness. There’s a range of fantastic options that business owners can implement to ensure that their storefront is secure and protected – here’s a range of those options that can help you maintain your commercial security, while also saving money.

Re-Key, rather than Change Locks

When you find that the deadlock bolts on your storefront are weakened, you can choose to simply rekey the locks rather than replace them. This will help you save huge amounts of money. This process alters the pins in your locks, rendering existing keys unuseable, and helping you ensure total key control.

Multi-Layered Security

You don’t need 100 deadbolt locks on your business’ front door. Instead, consider one or to deadbolts, joined with a video camera and alarm system. We recommend installing a video security camera system, and even, if it’s a possibility, a locking front gate outside of your business.

Focusing on Security, Rather than Brand Names

You want the strongest locks for your business that fit into your budget – and sometimes the most recognizable lock brands simply don’t provide this. Many lock brands provide limited protection even though they sell tons of locks. We recommend utilizing the assistance of an expert locksmith team, like those at SOS Locksmith, who can point you in the direction of a deadbolt that actually works around the clock to protect your business, all without burning a huge hole in your wallet.


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