Take a Close Look at your Locks

The truth of the matter is that almost no security solution is completely 100% impenetrable. The purpose of locks are to impede the progress of a burglar – and if you impede it enough, they will give up and stop attempting to get inside, or simply fail, if there’s enough layers of security. One necessity is that you get deadbolts installed on your doors – although regular locks provide a modicum of security, a deadbolt can really delay or impede an attempted break-in. If you get deadbolts, it’s important to pay attention to how it’s installed; if the hole in the doorframe where the bolt is deployed isn’t deep enough, the bolt can’t fully extend – and is rendered ineffective.


Analyze the locks on all your windows; if they can slide open from outside, you need to have another form of lock on them. I’m not talking about a latch, I’m talking about a bona fide lock. Also, make sure to check out any sliding glass doors on your property. Patio doors are usually very vulnerable entry points since they are usually behind the house, where neighbors can’t see it. Usually only secured by a latch, as opposed to a lock, and many incorrectly installed sliding doors can actually be lifted up out of their frames. Ensure that you have an additional form of lock on all sliding glass doors on your property – even a door pin would suffice – these help attach the sliding door to the still-standing one, minimizing the potential for the door to get lifted out of the frame.


Make sure to add an additional lock to any gates to the back of your home – you can even have the locks keyed so that your front door key works on this gate lock, to minimize the amount of keys that you need to carry. It’s always smart to have outdoor lighting – this draws attention to any strange activity that might be going on around your property.


If you’re just moving in, or if you’ve never done it before, change all your locks by adding deadbolts to them. As a general rule with locks, you receive what you purchase. A cheap lock isn’t going to provide that much security – whereas sometimes more pricy ones really are constructed out of stronger material, hence the higher price. Don’t fret over fancy add-ons; once you find the perfect lock for you, you’ll instantly know. It’s the perfect balance of strength and construction. When you find the ideal lock for your household, make sure it’s installed correctly, with the proper tightness, and is regularly lubricated.


Even if, when moving into a property, you are told by the landlord that all the locks were re-keyed, there’s a risk of break-ins. Any time you give out your key, to a contractor, construction worker – or anyone your landlord might have given the keys to – is a risk because they might have made copies. Having deadbolts installed is one of the best methods of giving you the ease of knowing that your stuff is adequately protected.


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