Top 10 Door Lock Brands

When we discuss the most trusted lock brands in the industry, we’re not talking about new brands with flashy temporary illusory innovation. We’re talking about the time and consumer tested brands that offer stable solutions at a value for all their customers. In this blog entry I’ll provide some detail as to the top door lock brands, and what makes their brand unique in a specific way.



Most home improvement stores carry Schlage locks, that have strong construction and are very difficult to pick or bump. The cheapest Schlage lock is even better than the cheapest Kwikset lock. The Everest or Primus models have a strong level of pick and bump resistance, but are still technically able to get picked or bumped. These locks are still fantastic low-cost choices for consumers.



These super common products have somewhat of the cheapest standard construction on the market, which isn’t good news for consumers. Kwikset locks for the most part can get picked and bumped, but their SmartKey cylinder is somewhat more resilient than the rest of their line.



These locks are quite quality, with solid construction and strong materials. Just picking up you can tell by it’s hefty weight that it was constructed with a higher amount of metal – indicating that it has higher break-in resistance. However these locks can still get bumped or picked.


Corbin Russwin

This company encompasses a few very popular lock brands, and mostly services institutional locks like schools or government buildings – indicating that they are quite trusted indeed. These locks are easy and cheap to service or replace, so this brand offers a high degree of convenience to its customers. It’s products have a high level of picking resistance, however it’s important to note that, like any lock, Corbin locks can get easier to pick over time.



This immensely popular company is known as the creator of the modern pin tumbler lock. Even if you use locks made by other brands, their products are inspired by the technical innovation spearheaded by the founders of Yale. These locks are well made with strong construction and (usually) multiple spool pins.


RR Brink

This company makes prison locks for the United States, so you can tell that it’s trusted for it’s sturdy and foolproof material. These locks are giant mortise cylinders, that technically can be picked, but really only by experts with the right resources. Key control makes these locks almost impossible to break through, making them a good choice to protect highly valuable assets.



This widely known brand makes incredibly strong and secure locks that have extra features unique to the brand that many people wouldn’t know how to navigate around or break through. They are incredibly hard to pick, and boast strong cores and construction – especially their cylinder locks.



This namebrand King of locks has a varying range of quality locks – in order to keep their patents unique, they constantly update their lock design, which unfortunately, in recent years, has resulted in less secure locks. However, it’s still not easy at all to pick these locks. Their locks are by no means bad at all, however for the most secure possible lock it would behoove consumers to purchase some of their older locks.



This underground lock brand’s MCS model can be described as foolproof- it has yet to be picked. Even besides the MCS lock, all of Evva’s products are manufactured with fantastically sturdy design – and their inclusion of magnetic keyway pins differentiate their locks from many others on the market.



ASSA-Abloy owns and makes locks for many separate brands including many of the above listed examples. They have a vast variety of security designs under their belt, however are most known for their door lock brands – and are quite highly trusted throughout the world. Technically, they could be described as the most trusted lock brand in the world, due to the added accumulation of their many security ventures.


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