Top 3 Reasons to Perform Maintenance on your Home Security System

Many people don’t understand exactly how important it is to perform maintenance on your home security system. This vital and connected technology is essential for maintaining a safe residence, and by ensuring that it receives upkeep, you increase it’s longevity while ensuring that all of its mechanisms are correctly working. Home or apartment owners who don’t perform maintenance on their home security systems are putting themselves at risk for experiencing crime due to malfunctioning or defunct systems. Here’s a guide to the top reasons to perform home security system maintenance, from the home security experts here at SOS Locksmith.

You can Identify Security System Malfunctions

By performing maintenance on your home security system, you conduct tests on a regular basis to make sure that the system is functioning properly. When you don’t do so, and errors are left to continue, your system is more likely to break earlier, with decreased longevity – not to mention the fact that you and your property will be at risk due to a non-functional security system, from risks ranging from fires to burglary. If there happens to be a break-in at your property when your alarm isn’t properly working, it’s more likely that your family and your property will be at risk due to crime.

Limit the Amount of Potential False Alarms

False alarms not only disrupt your family life, but they also waste the resources of emergency services that should be spent on situations that merit real attention. And usually false alarms are caused to to malfunctioning, outdated, or faulty security alarm equipment. Your home security alarm system will get to that point due to neglect. By testing your alarm system about every month, you can ensure that it’s properly working – make sure to replace batteries as they get low, and make sure to tell your security provider that you’re testing the system before you test the alarms so that they don’t send out the emergency services.


Stopping Potential Security Hacks and Cyber Criminals

By performing maintenance on your security system, you will be installing software updates (if the system is digital) that helps improve your level of cyber security. When you don’t install these updates, your home security system, and thus, your entire household, falls under the potential risks of hacking and cyber attacks. Outdated or old security software has many flaws and vulnerabilities that can provide cyber criminals an opening to deactivate your network and steal from you. Make sure to keep all of your security software updated – not just alarms – so your security cameras, smart lights, smart locks, and smart thermostats need to be regularly maintained and updated as well!


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